Sam_G4 - 30 - Radiologist

Hello everyone !

I’m glad to be part of this community. My name is Sam, I am a french radiologist, fresh out of medical school, still living in France. I am currently in a flourished long-term relationship with another physician, and one of the rare few women of quality in my country.

I joined DBL for a few reasons. To better myself, I already did quite a lot with morning ritual and power day these last few month. Thanks to JM teachings I gained a lot of productivity and efficience, and I won’t alleviate my efforts. To learn about crypto and earn money, thanks to the Satoshi Channel. To help this community as much as I can while being on a front seat when the dwarves’ king conquer the world.

Short term goals : becoming the best at my job, making money Long term goals : making more money and having a family

La bise, Sam