RX or Affiliation to start?

Hi everyone,

I’m about to start an online business, but I hesitate between two trainnigs : RX of Tugan Bara and Affiliation Ninja of Julian Brako. I’m here to get your opinions.

I’m still a student (with quite a lot of time, I can work 4h a day out of my lessons) so I don’t have a lot of money to spend. What do you recommend ?

And do you know the difference between the RXs and the “profits mimétiques” training of Tugan ?

Have a good day :slight_smile:

Edit : I have no experience in online buisiness


Affiliation Ninja cost ~3.5k€ :upside_down_face:

Actually, I bought the course in 3 times. Videos are good, how they are organized/structured it’s really bad.

I am always searching videos in the wrong category, some are updated but not the transitions between them, so it’s quit confusing.

If you work well and have a good niche, you can wish small passives profit after 3-4 months. (Not my case, still need backlinks to gain rank in the SERP).

To a student, I think protocole 27 is a good choice, cheap and you can easily start-it on your side.

In my opinion RX won’t give you a deep course like PM, Ninja Affiliation and Protocole 27, but It will provide you a good start in business culture. Still a must have.

@EnzoB_G4 Read this post How to find your perfect business take a call with Charlie, It cost 37€ and you will clearly understand what type of business you should do.

PS: I didn’t need this call because my business are already launched, but Charlie over class my 2 last coachs.



Rx has some courses on Affiliation.

The difference between RX and Profits mimétiques:

  • Rx is more general, whereas Profits mimétiques is focused on how to replicate ethically a business that generates a lot of cash.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, Ecom French Touch has a quite cheap program on this topic. But I don’t know if it’s good or not.


It is expensive :no_mouth:

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Ok thanks :slight_smile:

But RX gives us marketing techniques but doesn’t explain how to build a buisiness, right ? Because I’m a beginner…

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Any other point of view ?

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Ask Charlie G1 for a test.

He’s the one who can really help you.


Ninja training includes two programs, one at 1900 euro and the other at 3500 euro payable in one go or in 12 installments at 190 per month and 350 per month. the price difference is mainly for the accompaniment at 1900 euro you have 3 months of assistance and at 3500 you have 6 months of assistance. the live sound of real question answer (you ask your question orally and not on the chat) there are about 150 to 200 members in each group and there are several DBL people who are in this formation so you can find something aid and partners.

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If you want information on ninja and Tugan training send me a message we will make a call to explain the differences to you so that you make the choice that suits you.


Hey, he is a student, he can’t spend much money on a course which won’t occurs short term profits.

I join you on this point. I will edit my post.


I do not know the financial situation, but judging a training on its price alone is a mistake hence my comment. But indeed if he does not have the means, cheaper training will surely be welcome. A DBL member offers a cheaper training in affiliation.

ps: I don’t know if I can post the link so I don’t post it

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On Rx, you have the following courses for beginners:

“0€ sur Internet et pas encore de business”

“lancer un business avec 100€ en poche”

“faire de l’affiliation comme un mercenaire”

“5 Sources de Revenus Passifs Récurrents Simples pour 2021, 2022, 2023…”

As mentionned above, Protocole 27 is a good option as well if you’re interested in freelancing.


Hello buddies,

I have 0 experience in digital marketing and I am starting the RX, I have done a few chapters already, but I find it very unstructured and I hardly comprehend how to articulate everything to sell a training I didn’t create myself.

Is there a video where he gives an example from scratch ? For example, finding a training on 1TPE, creating a funnel, making the ads etc…

Also if there is a working group of beginners I could join ?

Many thanks,


Hi, I also struggle with the technical aspect, I spend hours watching tutorials on how to actually build the site and I feel it would be so much easier to have a basic step by step method.


If by building the site you mean building the funnel, in the RX there are a few videos where Tugan build funnels from scratch.

My question is, ok, I find a good training on 1TPE for example, something to train your dog. What do I do next ?

  • I guess I buy the training and check it so I know what to put on the funnel. (if a training costs 500 eur, do you always have to buy it ? Is there a way to have it for free if you are a reseller ?)
  • There is already a funnel with the training on 1TPE, but I believe it is better to create one from scratch ?
  • To get leads I need to post on some forums, make a review on Youtube… Maybe buy some leads ?

If someone has a training on how to start from scratch I would really appreciate :slight_smile:

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Hi There is a RX about how to get leads, I think it is the one called faire de l’affiliation comme un mercenaire (I’m not 100% sure) but yes making videos and posting in forums have been mentioned as possible ways to do it.

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