Romania for a first travel

Hello everyone,

I want to visit Romania this summer with a budget of 700-800 euros for 1 week.

I would like to know according to you which is the best city in Romania for a first trip. Bucharest seems to be a very ugly city. This topic can be interesting for people wishing to visit this still preserved country for the first time.

Sorry for my English.

Kiss bro. :romania:



I’d like to visit Romania as well, and hopefully in July, but knowing the changing situation I don’t know if it will be possible.

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Hey I’d be also really interested to visit this country. I don’t really know why but we haven’t heard a lot about it but from what I know it’s a great place to live. Also, Romania has a big background with France so it’s even better because the locals might be even nicer with us. Looking forward to see if someone can give us more informations about this country !

Hi bro!

Bucharest, an ugly city? First time that I’ve heard this, it’s pretty beautiful though. The thing is that people have different tastes, so some people may find it ugly and some may find it beautiful. But Bucharest is called the “Little Paris” for a reason.

Personally, I’m gonna move to Bucharest later this year and it would be nice to met DBL brothers IRL there.

Anyway, about Bucharest, if you want to visit, go in Centrul Vechi (The Old Town), it’s pretty beautiful, you have French type architecture there. The north is pretty beautiful too. Just make sure to not go in the south of the city, there’s nothing to see and you may come back without your wallet. :laughing: Especially neighborhoods like Ferentari, Rahova, Berceni…

About the rest of the country, Transilvania is a very beautiful region too, especially if you like old stuff like medieval castles, etc… There you have the Bran Castle, that Vlad The Impaler lived in.

If you like nature, you have the Dunarea, a very beautiful & known river in Romania. It’s located in the south-east of the country.

P.S: When you go there, just make sure to not take the Taxi but Uber, some Romanian cabbies will try to rip you off, especially if they see that you’re a stranger and don’t know the prices. :slight_smile:

There you have a link with 20 very beautiful places in Romania: It’s in Romanian but you can translate the page.

Enjoy, bro!