Romania -> 2 weeks of travel, my impressions

Hi guys,

I made a short trip to Romania for 2 weeks in the middle of August just to see the country, its aspect and to give you more feedback about this country.

I just travelled the country, I’m currently settled in Bulgaria.

I crossed the border between Bulgaria and Romania, I saw that the road was more cleaner, as well as houses. Houses are build quite the same as in France ( not all ) but with different colors, sometimes houses appears with a more German architecture due to the history of the country :

I guess you can design your house as well as you want in the countryside. I saw some rooftop colored by the flag of the country.

But the road are sometimes not practicle to take because they usually have one or two way, not more, as we can see in France with 3 or 4 ways in the motorway. That’s why sometimes taking the bus and the car may be disapointed if there is an accident or something else.

I spent my first days in Bucarest, the capital, and I really liked the old town (also called the little Paris) :

I was really impressed, but only in the center, the other parts was much more like that :

The last picture can scares you, but that the reality, the government has money issue, and sometimes you can encounter some cockroaches, and see many filled garbage bags outside.

Otherwise, I really appreciate the city, good atmosphere and beautiful girls in the evening.

Other famous cities I visited, but also very touristic

  • Brasov :

Brasov is in Transilvania, you can do really good hiking there, the landscape is incredible :

There are also many bears in Transilvania (60% of all UE bears are concentrated in Transilvania).

  • Sibiu

The city of Sibiu is really nice. Young people are nicer there, but sometimes so nice that they can tolerate everything. And this is the part I want to develop about the country :

What I also discover, is that the country begin to be divided between some young progressist (LGBT mainly and Gotic styles) and the others. I saw on the capital young girls/boys bringing little gay flags, and on the other part, orthodoxes praying on the street (15th August) and protest with anti-gay poster :

You can see as well many of these tags in Bucarest :

I also saw young girls/lesbian holding hands in couples many times (and pratically no gay man holding hands). I guess they are all indoctrinated by Netflix… For sure it was less obvious than heterosexual couple, but it was something, not only on the capital, but also other middle cities such as Brasov or Sibiu.

You can see also few black people on the capital, but there are really a few, but more than in Sofia for example.

What I was more surpressed is that there are more gipsys (gitans) than in Bulgaria, and many time they come to you asking for money, it’s often an unpleasant feeling.

What I heard about the new young generetion (it’s always interesting to know more about them for the future of the country) :

  • They are open and welcoming,
  • They don’t really want children (1 or 2, not more, same as in France),
  • They are smart. I also heard that young Moldavian are brillant at school. Moldavia was in Romania in the past.

What I heard about older generation :

  • They are welcoming (they can offer you a night at there house, or something to eat or drink for free), but not so open,
  • They don’t make to much children as well (different than in Bulgaria)

My final impressions about the country :

I think it’s a nice place to live, beautiful landscape and buildings, lot of stuff to do as well. You can live for quite nothing, same as in Bulgaria (around 700€ per month), free to do your own stuff, without too much complications. It’s also safe.

But there is this distortion that divide the country that I don’t really like, as well as some young behavior that I disliked sometimes. The country is safe, but I felt sometimes less safe than in Bulgaria because of gipsies.

Also, I prefer Bulgarian than Romanian, mainly because I felt more included in Bulgaria : In Romania, some people looked at me as a stranger (not many but…), a feeling I never had in Bulgaria for example, I don’t really know why…

Nevertheless, it was a really good experience, and I think I’ll come again in the future because for me 2 weeks was too short to explore the hole country.

I hope it helps, for those who are interested about this country, and for others !

Another interesting fact about the country, when you encounter an abandonned dog, he will follow you on your trip, it’s really current here