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Hi guys,

My name is Romain and I’m from Switzerland.

I’m in Montenegro (near Kotor) since 1 week, and I’m spending the summer there with a view to settle there. It’s a great place, an idyllic setting and a mentality that I love. If you get the chance, go for it. If any members are there, let’s connect.

I’ve been in Ecom business for a little while and have been through a lot of different activities. Today I do custom projects for companies with my team (from website creation to strategic and marketing plans). I take care of customer relations and internal organisation + audit and strategy. My experience in closing allows me to create strong links with clients, and that’s what I like.

I am also involved in affiliate marketing and have recently created a funnel that may be of interest to some members.

I joined this community to exchange, share and meet solid guys with a success-oriented mentality. Men who don’t shy away from effort and work to leave a mark.

It’s a great pleasure

Romain W


Cool ! You should contact @NikoMontenegro-G2

Welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the European paradise :montenegro: