Romain - 30 years old - Retired

Hi everyone,

Romain, 30 years old and retired. I have stopped having money at the bank in 2016.

I discovered Bitcoin in 2014 after looking for alternatives to EUR/USD.

At this time, BTC was around $400, I started investing in 2016 at $1 000. Convinced that I had lost 2 years, I decided to put my balls on the table, I needed to catch up for those lost years. So I went all-in; all my savings, my salary, my unemployment were transformed into crypto currencies.

Today I’m happy with this decision but in 2017 when BTC went from $20 000 to $3 000 in a few months (dividing my capital by 7) I stopped being cocky.

I managed not to sell. It was hard !

I am passionate about DeFi and invest my cryptos with returns ranging from 20% APY to 85 000% APY (Yes, it is possible) which gives me enough income to live on.

I discovered DBL and Jean Marie Corda 6 months ago, shortly after watching an interview of the “Grand méchant du web”.

I immediately appreciated the libertarian and radical mindset of this community. I got closer to some members especially in Bulgaria and even found an old friend.

I would like to thank all the members I have met and those who helped me realized the value of this community.

Now that I’m tired of retirement, I’ve partnered with a French entrepreneur who just sold his company to AWS. We’re building a solution to facilitate access to DeFi for everyone.

Having lost more than 20 000 euros on Checoin, I know that there are very good marketers in this community and I hope to capitalize on your skills to launch our solution at the end of next year.

I will not hesitate to post ads for different positions in the coming weeks.

What I can offer to the community:

7 years of experience in crypto; investments, tax solutions, complex financial setups, lending and borrowing and the most important: the network;

I have more than 15 000 followers in Linkedin from the crypto space, I have done conferences in New York, Madrid, Zurich, Vilnius, Paris etc. where I built a quality network at a time where cryptos were not as popular as they are now. Try me !

Excited to start doing business with you, Romain


Roman hi, always a pleasure.

Come back to Bulgaria whenever you want.


Hi romain I m happy to see you.

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Hi brother and welcome !

Wow amazing. How have you done? DBL requires a credit card, doesn’t it?

I’d like too to avoid banks (except to rip them off) and I think that I ain’t the only one in the community. I think it’s something you can help the community with.


Hi Romain, Nice to see more crypto guy ! I’m impressed after reading your journey, it’s pretty damn motivating!

We just gained another level :muscle: Welcome to the funniest and balsiest crypto king of the gang !!! This guy is a must-meet :star_struck:

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I have paid my DBL subscription with BNB. Thanks to Paul.

I still have a bank account, and free credit card. I have some tricks to send Euro to this bank account without paying the 30% taxes on crypto profit.

They are some crypto debit card who allows you to swap crypto into fiat in seconds but I found them expensive so far.

Would be happy to help :wink:


Thank you all for the welcoming messages.

Looking forward to make business with you :slight_smile: