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Hi guys,

I have a problem and would like the opinion of the community.

As you all know time is precious and it’s all we have in this life (well, this and our brain). So in my opinion any opportunity to reduce wasting time has to be exploited to its fullest.

Now here is my problem : how do we get information about the world around us ? And no, you cannot just get on with your life and not care about anything - this opens yourself to being taken by surprise, very dangerous. Imagine you got out for a walk outside and had never heard about the « pandemic », ever … the cops would probably have a great time with you !

So anyway, in my case I have noticed two things :

  1. It takes me way too much time to get news.
  2. They are often low quality (propaganda, irrelevant stuff which only pollutes the mind, when not outright lies).

I once dated a girl who worked in a foreign embassy, and every morning they had someone read the news from various quality sources and make a small summary of the important things which happened. That way they never got surprised having zero idea about something important which happened.

Ideally this would be few (maybe 5 or 6 ? I don’t know, you tell me …) items, every morning, so that it takes us zero time to look for it and very few time to take in the information. The executive summary, so to speak !

Do you guys think this would be a good idea ? Or is there maybe already something like this in the community ? And the best question last, if we do indeed find that this is a good idea which saves lots of time for everybody, who could do it ?

Thanks for reading me and I hope I didn’t waste anybody’s time.

Now, back to making money !



You must edit your title in english

A similar project was created there. You should talk with the team.


Really interesting idea and curious what would be the news source taken into account as well.

I think we shouldn’t read any news, as said in this video. (In French)

No one can miss big event like this one. If someone that follows Jean-Marie Corda and doesn’t follow the news, he would know the pandemic however because Jean-Marie Corda talks about it.

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Ok so I see four points here :

  1. Title in english. Well that’s simple : I could not find an appropriate translation. « Press review » would be the obvious candidate but it has a big problem : it implies that your news source is the printed press. This conflicts with one of my requirements : quality information which matters. You won’t be getting that via the printed press. If you have a good title suggestion I’m all ears.

  2. A similar project already exists. The thread you linked did not allow me to come to this conclusion. First it’s way too long, nobody has time for that. Then they talk about an extensive monthly PDF, which also contradicts one of my requirements : zero sourcing time and as low as possible reading time. It also mentions letters from the readers and what not - my goal is something focused and minimalist, while this looks more like entertainment if I’m honest. Finally at the end of the thread it does not seem that anything has been started at all ? I might be wrong of course but if so it’s not apparent from the content of the thread. It’s also not clear who « the team » is.

  3. Should we get news at all. Why of course we should. It’s even mentioned in the follow-up to that video you linked : the main issue is separating the signal from the noise. Signal has added value, and to me this mostly means predictive value. To take an example I live close to a border, and last year it got closed several times. Annoying, since some stuff you might want is only available there. So if you knew it was going to close you still had one last opportunity to go (and we did, several times in fact). If you only get your news after the fact, well sorry, too late !

  4. Big things come to you one way or another. This is mostly true, but when and with which quality ? JM did mention the covid a couple of times indeed, but the first serious analysis I heard from (or rather with) him was in that great reset video he did with Tugan at the end of december. So yeah, now you know everything about the covid scam - you’re just 9 months late. I’m sorry but if the germans were to come back would you want to hear about it right fucking now, or would you prefer to wait until they knock on your door to learn more about their plans ? :slight_smile:

Anyway, it already took me more time than I had to read your answers then to write mine and I never liked debating stuff anyway, so I think it’s a better idea for all of us to focus on something more directly productive. Hopefully you will agree with me, and sorry for wasting everybody’s time.

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Here’s what I’ve been doing for the past few months to get news without losing too much time on it:

One or two days in the week, I go to my favorite news website, have a quick look at the titles of the different posts that were published. And I only read the ones that look very important and/or interesting. It usually takes me no more than 5-10 minutes per session (so usually less than 15 minutes a week).

It’s way better than what I used to do before, when I would read news every day and lose time (and nerves) on it. Now I do it quick, and pick only what seems to be the most important. And I read it quick.

There’s another thing I have started doing recently: read russian news, in order to improve my russian. It allows me to stay in touch with the news and at the same time improve my russian skills. Of course you can do the same in english if you want to improve your level of english. Or in any other language.


Hey dude, can you advice me the russian newspaper that you are reading ?

1 Like, but also (but this one is a very repetitive, it’s kind of « opposition » newspaper, anti Putin style that becomes boring once you’ve read it for a few weeks)

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