Request a Partnership or self-promotion at DBL

Dear DBL members,

On DBL, to make an offer, and get the privilege to promote your business with the rest of the community, there are rules to respect.

:scroll: Our policy :

1- Forum traffic must at all times remain under our control.

2- Promotional/acquisition/shop links leading out of the forum are prohibited without the agreement of the DBL team.

3- Internal forum services (graphic design/languages/copywriting…) are allowed as long as the contact is made in private.

:crown: Our Team :

1- Our Boss : Jean Marie

2- Right arm : SilvioBerluscunni

3- Team of moderators : Chick Norris / Kapkan / Alex / JohnBernie / Paul / Charlie

:balance_scale: Our rules :

1- You must always offer a community gift AND an affiliation with JM.

2- Your offer must imperatively meet the live DBL#6 criteria.


:writing_hand: Write to us :

:white_check_mark: Process of validating an offer :

1- Send us your offer by message.

2- Offers are evaluated at our discretion.

3- If your offer is accepted, you will receive a favorable response from the moderation with an affiliation proposal.

4- You can then create your topic without forgetting to declare that your offer is authorized by @SilvioBerluscunni .

:no_entry_sign: Rejection of an offer :

1- An offer published without the agreement of the team will be systematically rejected.

2- Offers that do not comply with this protocol will be rejected.

3- Fraudulent offers are prohibited.

Users who violate this protocol will be warned / sanctioned.

The present protocol comes into force on May 27, 2020 (UTC).

Signed: the Team of Domination By Love