Remy_wild_G4 / Naturopath - expert in fasting and food supplement - Educator

  • 28 Yo - Expat in switzerland for 10 years - russian wife - Naturopath expert in fasting technique and food suplement - Educator(children, handicap, old people)

  • what i pratice from several year : Rituals, deeplove technics, martial arts(penchak silat), entrepreneurship, clean and perfect food, vision of improving myslef everyday.

  • I can bring my expertise in my spécific compétences to the community. I was happy to discover that i was not alone to have the same goals of perfect health, physical, mental, emotionnal, and perfect financial situation. And not alone to be concerned about the critical situation of france(Soul of people, ideologie etc …)

My shorterm purpose is to create online formations of ‘’ fasting technics ‘’ and give online coaching, so in resume, starting to developpe online marketting of my knowledge. My longterm goal is too create an self-efficient entity who can generate revenues by connecting in synergy several branches to diversify my activity and having a feet into several sector, to assure the security of my Familly and my buisness. ( producing food, courses, immovable, online marketting, producing energy…)

In order to that i’m creating a school in switzerland(Lausanne-Yverdon area) to follow children from 0 to 18yo, to teach them real knowledge and art of living instead of making them unhealthy prisonner of the system, with no brain and no health.

Look forward to share with you Guys !


Welcome bro ! What do you think about the Paleo diet ?

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Thank you for welcoming and thank you for asking

Paleo Diet is interesting and restrective in the same time.

What is interesting in the paleo vision is : unprocessed food, animals proteins, avoid fresh milk( wich is different of cheese).

What is not interesting is to cut from the cereales, wich can be a verry good sources of glucides and nutriments, according to the conditions that cereales are to be organic, complete, and soak 24h00 before being cooked. (white rice is not good compare to complete rice).

But, because everybody is singular and different, (depending on their morpotype, genetics, temperament, blood type etc …) the needs are different from an individu to another, it’s the art of naturopathie, to adapt specificly to the peolple that come from an appointement. First interview we determine wich type of individu you are and in function of that we advise you the best. For example, if you are skinny you will need more daily glucide sources than somebody wich is fat. (simply short example but it’s more complexe).

What to understand that ‘’ paleo diet ‘’ is like a brend or a mode, it brings message that were already told by Naturopath since long time, so in every mode you have to take the best and leave what is not interesting, don’t take a mode for a ‘’ panacée ‘’ ; ) especially because everybody as his own specific needs. But anyway it’s true there is some truth that are true for everybody, like the fact that coca is poisonnous for everyone ; )

In top of that don’t forget the fact that your needs can change depending your purpose and situation of life, your goals, where you leaving, the seasons, etc … ; )

hope it will helps you :slight_smile: