Remi_G5 - 19 yo - Language Teacher, Dropshipper and Expat in 24 days

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone.

My name is Remi, I am 19 and for 24 more days, I am living in Bordeaux, France.

Fun fact, I didn’t know the DBL community before my friend @Tino74_G1 moved in my flat so that we could work harder and with discipline.

He talked to me about it, and I spent hours reading topics and threads on the forum.

A brotherhood, united against oppression and coercition. People of the same mind, wanting to rise up in the sky and finally be free of all constraints.

Real goals, real aspirations. A lot of motivation for me came out of Jean-Marie’s lives, and given that Georgia interested me, I planned to speed things up in order to leave the French Communist Hell (FCL).

Currently working remotely as a French and English teacher and lauching a dropshipping store with my roomate, we decided to move out earlier. June 30th. :flight_departure:

Having enough money to sustain living costs for a few months at the very least, we will be fulfilling our dream, and becoming real men.

Not afraid of leaving everything behind, family and false friends, in order to achieve higher objectives.

  • First, moving safely to Georgia, with all the shitty restrictions that France put on us to leave the territory.

  • Then, creating a sustainable, long-lasting income from our shop.

  • Finally, being able to diversify our investments in crypto-currencies, real estate, companies.

Working hard and efficiently, with discipline and dedication. That’s the path we chose.

Far away from all the BS. Far away from all the sheeps, following non-sensical orders and accepting to live in fear. Far away from a country that has deceived and mistreated us.

May you be strong enough to do the same, brothers. Good luck.

And thank you for accepting me among the brotherhood.


Welcome to DBL,

Glad to see dropshippers coming to Georgia,

Good luck to you and your friend :slight_smile:


Hey @Remi_G5 I hope everything is going well for you !

I am interested in how you will go to Georgia since the country is in orange restriction.
(I am not vaccinated)


Hey @Mark_G3 ! Nice to hear that another DBL brother will join us ! We arrived in Georgia 15 days ago, while it was still in orange restriction and without being vaccinated (of course).

We actually created a document, with the help of my girlfriend (who is Georgian, I am lucky) that was both written in English and Georgian, to explain that we were coming to Georgia for a humanitarian project, helping children to learn French in a small city 2 hours away from Tbilisi.

To be honest, it worked perfectly well without needing to show them the paper : in front of the customs, the guy didn't say a word, looked at me for 4~5 seconds, and let me go right after.

But better be safe than sorry. So here is the list of the documents you will need :

  1. The attestation from the Ministry of the Interior, filled with your info, dated and signed

  2. Printed boarding passes

  3. A Negative PCR-Test done maximum 72 hours prior to the flight

  4. The official document that you will use as a prove that your presence is required in Georgia (I can help you with that, just contact me privately and we can talk about it)

  5. For the Georgian customs, you will need to fill a document with your information, including where you are going to reside for the first few days. That is why taking an AirBnb is a must-do.

Side note: You will actually also need to print the email received from the Georgian government as a confirmation, plus a screenshot of the final screen you will having on the Georgian website that proves that you completed this step (for the airline company).

I would advise you to take Ukrainian Airlines, it is by far the cheapest and coming from Paris CDG. The only stop you will make will be at Kiev, and the people there are pretty compliant (they do not want you to stay on their territory anyway, so they will let you go through without a problem).

If you need further information, I will provide you with all the steps with more clarity or we can call each other. Peace, and may you arrive safely anyway !