Réglage portefeuille SATOSHI

Hello to all ,

Here I am registered recently on the Satoshi Channel to trade crypto-currencies and my question is the following: Do I have to configure my wallet every time I change the percentage of the cryptos distribution or is it enough to do it only the first time during the deposit of funds for example and after that it is done automatically every time I take a signal? Tutorial 5 explains it but not clear enough for me.

Second question, what is the minimum amount of capital deposit to be able to trade because for a test I just put 20 balls and it does not work to take signals ? ( min 0.0001 lot)

Thank you.

P.S : sorry if my English is a bit bad.


Why open new tread ? Look other postes

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Hello @Julien_Paris_G1,

I’m interested to found the ultimate bot application for neebies and want to look forward with Shrimpy that you’ve talked about several time in the forum. The link above seems no more activated. Can you please share it again ?

Thanks in advance for that

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You just have to configure at the beginning them you just follow the sell/buy orders. Personnaly I have started with 600$ (=500€) and I don’t regret it, in two weeks I have hit 800$ try to put 200€-300€ or even more if you can. You won’t regret it

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