[Recruitment Open] Discipline Group : The Trench

Hello Bro,

Today, a bro (Clément) and me have decided to create a brand new group in order to improve your discipline and make you OBLIGATED to work. We have decided to call it “The Trench

Why “The Trench” ?

As you may know, during the first World War, our ancestors lived horribles days in trenchs. Dead bodys everywhere, the ground was made of guts and intestines, without speaking of the smell, a mixed between rat poop and corpses strong enough to EVEN asphyxiate flies.

In the trenches, only a handful of men managed to survive, and they did so because of their courage and discipline. The trench today is all the guys who are going into the online business. And as in the 1915 trenches, only a handful of them come out alive.

The group will be there to push you to your expatriation by an iron discipline. And to do so, The Trench relies on 3 general inviolable rules.

  • English is the only language allowed
  • Group call on skype at 6:00 am to commit the things you need to do that day and to prove that you have kept your commitments from the day before.
  • If you miss a single call, you are obliged to give 5 euros to all the other members of the group as a penalty.

You will not be allowed to relax until you have reached your expatriation.

Remember the live with Emmanuel Fredenrich. He explained that in order to force himself to work, he made a collective call every day with some buddies of his to show that each of them was working. And if one of them failed, he literally had to pay (as we also do).

If you feel a bit isolated, and you have the opinion that you lack of discipline, The Trench is exactly what you need.

Because if you give up, you’ll have to live on the no man’s land with all the brand new swedish people who are invading France, raping your sister and squatting your grand parents house.

Haven’t you heard about that story of Roland, 88 years old, who saw his house squatted while he was visiting his wife at the EHPAD ?

If you are interrested, contact me at alex.g93100@gmail.com. I’ll explain details directly by mail.

PS : It’s nothing else but love, you have to work hard if you want to expatriate yourself. And the group is here for that.

UPDATE : The Trench is closed for the moment.




Hello Bro,

Just a Little message to say that we are recruiting one new member.

If you are struggling with your discipline and you work on an online business, just send me a message(preferably a guy on PM or a one doing dropshipping).

In the message, tell me what are your objectives for the next 6 months and from where you’re starting.

A member went from 1k per month to 42k per month in case you wondering if the group work.

Have a nice day,



Hi bros, we are recruiting.

Read fastly the post above and join us.

Contact me directly on telegram : @CA1703

Out of 7 people who were living in France when they joined the group…

5 are now expatriated.

Discipline pays.