[Recruitment ON [2/7] : Disciplinary Group

Hi guys!

I’m Alexis, I’ve decided to create a new discipline group in order to OBLIGATE us to work (thanks to AlexBram and Alexandre for the idea, this type of group is necessary)

The goal of this group is to push you to achieve your goals! For this, there are inviolable rules that are put in place:

English is the only language allowed

Call the group on Telegram at 6:00 am to commit to the things you need to do that day and to prove that you have kept your commitments from the previous day.

If you miss a single call, you are obliged to give 5 euros to all other group members as a penalty.

If you do not keep your commitment of the previous week, you will give 50E to the kitty.

What is the kitty for?

If you need to launch a project or need freelance, we will release the funds to help you (project presentation + group votes)

If you feel a bit isolated, and you feel you lack discipline, this group is exactly what you need.

If you are interested, contact me at @Alexis_G3 on Telegram or on the forum

PS: No prerequisites; 5 spots left



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