Read First

WARNING : From now on, you will not post your programs yourself, it is our DBL account that will post your ad with all your available contacts of course.

You want to offer your products in affiliation ?

Send your request to following the protocol to the letter (WARNING, if you don’t follow it and you botch your request, there are chances that we won’t even post your request) :

  • The ENTIRE post in English, even the title (you can put an french version in annex at the bottom of the page).

  • An explicit presentation of the content of your product.

  • A clear explanation of your affiliate process (how the platforms work, % of affiliates).

  • Clear statistics about your target audience (if you have this information, your product may be in preorder)

  • One or more functional links (Don’t throw your affiliate link, don’t waste our time, otherwise it’s a direct ban).

  • Your contact (Telegram, reminder of your nickname, email, etc).