Raphael_W_G4 - 24 - DropShipper SEO in the making - In a currently deep shit situation

Good Evening guys,

I’m writing thoses lines before my 1st Night Ritual.

=>It’s gonna be a little bit long, but you can skip most part to the end.

=>So let’s begin : i’m Raphael, but call me Raf, i’m 24 years old

=>Physical Description : i’m Bald - 180cm - 100kg (fat but very muscular) (lost 20kg) and i’m gonna lose some more !

=>My background with conflicts and politics (Dumb “warrior” time) (You can skip this part)<=

=>I’m an Ex “Ultra-Right-Nationalist” militant (as ‘they’ call me) (Bastion Social), i lived two years of activism and street fights with AntiFa and ‘Luck for France’ (aka 60 iq ppl), i know for sure what the violence truly is, and i don’t want that for my family, ever.<=

=>Now : I’m under trial for my last dumb shit action that happened in 2019 (political related).

=>I’m gonna pay huge amount of money to the government and to ‘victims’… And i’m currently almost broke thanks to my lawyer, and i must sell my car.

=>I work 8h30 to 17h30 in a job (IT support) i totaly dislike and that make me dumber every day.

=>SO i’m here to fight against that FUCKING RAT RACE

=>I’m here to make huge amount of money, to permit myself to decide for myself, and when everything is over here in this communist third world country, i will go in poland** to enjoy life, to fuck, to make even more money, and be happy.

**Or any Est-Country that will accept me

Thanks for reading !