Questions about Hungary

Hello guys,

I’ve some question about Hungary :

Is there any guys already there ?

If so, what do you think about :

  • Vaccination program in the country ? (I saw that’s one of the most vaccinated country in EU)
  • Do you feel restricted ?
  • Political program ?
  • Your vision about the future of the country in EU ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


A friend was there during the restrictions, it was hard to be free… The contrary of Serbia. My friend lives there for some years, he speaks an excellent English, and after three years, he doesn’t have any friend with Hungarians people. Cold people, language impossible to learn, and very cold in the winter time.

Politically, I think they are ok, but unfortunately, they are inside the Schengen area in EU, so no control about borders.

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Hello Niko,

Thank you for your feedback. I see, it’s difficult for sure. It’s interesting to see the mentality of Hungarian people, but it depends on the country right ? (I don’t know about Romanian people for exemple ?)

Maybe are they all the same in Eastern Europe, very cold at the beginning but they could be your friend for life if you make some effort with them ?

Not a good point for sure, but I see that Orban make everything to controle their border. It may be useful for the short term but not for the long term I guess.


Hi Vince,

I add your useful topic to the DBL World Map. This is the first one about Hungary.

Have a nice evening


No people in Eastern Europe are not the same as people from Western Europe are not the same between French, Spanish, Italians, Germans etc… BUT yes a friend from Eastern Europe, when he’s your friend, this is for life.