Questions about Hungary

Hello guys,

I’ve some question about Hungary :

Is there any guys already there ?

If so, what do you think about :

  • Vaccination program in the country ? (I saw that’s one of the most vaccinated country in EU)
  • Do you feel restricted ?
  • Political program ?
  • Your vision about the future of the country in EU ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


A friend was there during the restrictions, it was hard to be free… The contrary of Serbia. My friend lives there for some years, he speaks an excellent English, and after three years, he doesn’t have any friend with Hungarians people. Cold people, language impossible to learn, and very cold in the winter time.

Politically, I think they are ok, but unfortunately, they are inside the Schengen area in EU, so no control about borders.

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Hello Niko,

Thank you for your feedback. I see, it’s difficult for sure. It’s interesting to see the mentality of Hungarian people, but it depends on the country right ? (I don’t know about Romanian people for exemple ?)

Maybe are they all the same in Eastern Europe, very cold at the beginning but they could be your friend for life if you make some effort with them ?

Not a good point for sure, but I see that Orban make everything to controle their border. It may be useful for the short term but not for the long term I guess.


Hi Vince,

I add your useful topic to the DBL World Map. This is the first one about Hungary.

Have a nice evening


No people in Eastern Europe are not the same as people from Western Europe are not the same between French, Spanish, Italians, Germans etc… BUT yes a friend from Eastern Europe, when he’s your friend, this is for life.


Hi Vince, I just joined DBL and I live in Budapest.

Vaccination program in the country ? (I saw that’s one of the most vaccinated country in EU)

Everything is fully opened now, but inside leisure places are restricted to member of the immunity card only (vaccinated or already got the covid) ex : inside of restaurants, gym, cinema - this doesn’t include shops of course. More than 60% of the population got the vaccine. Hungary is the only EU country to have all the vaccines available, including the Russian Sputnik V.

Do you feel restricted ?

I was feeling restricted mostly with the outside mask and curfew, just like in France, but now they have been removed. I also suffered not to be able to go to the gym and the restaurant, but mostly the two first points. Furthermore, I am not anti vaccine and got it already (the Russian one, only available here in the EU for now). I respect the different opinions about it, and this is a huge debate which I don’t want to enter. I can add that being restricted in a white European country doesn’t feel the same, you can at least go out in peaceful and nice places, and here in Budapest there are a lot of nice parks with fitness infrastructures - and of course - normal people.

Political program ?

Viktor Orban is in my opinion having a very good political line, refusing immigration and decadent ideologies, promoting successfully (white) families (concrete increase of births and marriages), creating good economic and diplomatic relations with both Russia and China, and generally the country is growing economically. I totally understand the doubt regarding the size and lack of power of the country on a diplomatic scene, what I can do to this is providing a positive point : the group of Visegrád (including Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia), also called V4, is increasingly acting as a group in order to be a bigger power. Also, as I said, Hungary has the particularity of being in great relations with both Russia and China.

Your vision about the future of the country in EU ?

My hypothesis is that the V4 would commonly leave EU at some point and act as a new separated group, but I am not a politic analyst, and they probably need the EU funds, maybe if they get it from other big power it could work. I do think it should be a long term concern but not a short term obstacle to live here.

Finally, I need to update some information : Hungarian are warm people, but they do not openly warm themselves to unknowns just because they are strangers, they have very strong identity, so if you don’t match their standards, they won’t try to learn about your culture, they don’t really care, but this is also why 98% of the people refused immigration in 2015 through a national survey. The question should not be if people are nice to you or not, but what you should do to integrate there, you are the foreigner, not them. My neighbor almost doesn’t know me and doesn’t speak English, he is an ex guy from the anti-terrorist force in Hungary, and he gave me flowers pots, Palinka (some alcohol), and always have a nice hand waving every day - I suppose because I showed an educated behavior and I share its identity standards. Also, my girlfriend family treats me like one of their own, even if the parents do not speak English. In the winter this year the max was -5 degrees, which is even less that some parts of France, we also had a fairly good amount of sunny days. I know most of the people are targeting Russia, so if you don’t support Hungary weather, you can definitively forget about Russia.

I hope this will help ! For any more help or questions you can ask me here or on Telegram (benjamin1082)


Thank you Benjamin, a very interesting resume of what I wanted to know.

What do you think about the actual border, will it be reopen soon ? (it has been a while that foreigners can’t visit the country due to the pandemic)

I’ll add you on Telegram for more personal questions.


Hey Vince, yes, I think in less than one month it will be opened to tourists again, but I’m not sure about the conditions, probably PCR test as everywhere, or in the worst case, vaccine, but I don’t believe so. Also, you will probably be able to access inside leisure places only with a vaccine certificate or past positive PCR test, once again I don’t know for now, but I will keep it updated here.


Hey guys,

I’ll be in Budapest from 3rd to 6th September (flight the day after at 6AM). My girlfriend will go to a conference in the North of the country, so I decided to join her to discover the Hungarian capital city, after working in the morning.

If you want to catch up, do not hesitate in sending me a private message.