Question about YouTube business

Hi guys,

I am looking for a guy who is knowledgeable about YouTube business. I am setting up my YouTube channel to sell design training and I would like to know if there are any specific tips to know about the YouTube algorithm,

Thank you.


Already had a 10k subscribers channel in the past and what i can just say is that you know already everything.

  • Watchtime seems to be very important so make good content
  • Try to make videos according the news (Victor Ferry is the best example i think if you want to study a fast growing channel)
  • Good title, good description
  • Good thumbnail : no problem for you :wink:
  • Hashtags are not important
  • Concerning the settings of your channel. I don’t know if there is a specific optimisation possible but it’s sure that again it’s not important at all.
  • Keep in mind that Youtube wants to make money and will put forward ads friendly content. That is probably the guideline to have !

But there is one true advice : stop overthinking about optimisation etc… just start to publish ! The most important is to have a public feedback ! It’s about the same for every businesses : start with a v0 you can create in one day.


Hi bro,

In addition to what Mat said, I highly recommend you to highly optimise your SEO (title/description/tags). I do recommend you to use vidIQ, it’s a browser extension that helps you to do that, it costs about $10/month.

Also, make sure to tell people to subscribe, comment, like, share, etc… usually they don’t do it unless you tell them to.

And make sure to push your viewers to interact with your content by commenting. You may ask them questions, etc… The thing is that, the more people interact with your video, the more YouTube pushes you.

Good luck, bro!


Hey Nicolas, nice to see your business grow.

About that, Sebastier TELLIER told in a video that it must be done under the 30 first seconds of each video in order to maximise the number of likes and subscriptions to a YouTube channel.

Have a nice day !



Ok, that is what I am thinking, thank you for your answer bro !


Hi bro, thank you for the tips !

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Hey Nicolas, I am working on a Youtube course, I can help you for your channel if you want, contact me in private so we can work this out together :slight_smile:

Also looking for testimonials so it might help me as well !