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Hi brother,

The time has finally come to speak about Poland.

We are going to talk about this mysterious country whose political news makes all the leftists from west Europe become crazy.

First of all, I would like to announce that my inspiration comes mainly from the other presentations. Mainly from the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Thanks to Olivier and Clément

Also thanks to @Alexandre-PL_G3 who helped me for the presentation

And before speaking about the actual life here, let’s just put some videos and pictures that show the beauty of this country.

Some pictures of the two biggest cities in Poland


A 4K video :

Tower of Warsaw

Park Lazienki krolewskie

Old City

Royal Palace


A 4K Video :

Krakow Place

Saint Floriant Street

Wawel Castle

Tumulus of Krakus, krakow summit

And here, for vacations, Zakopane

A 4K video : Winter in Zakopane and Tatra Mountains 4K Poland 2021. Zimowe Zakopane i Tatry z lotu ptaka. - YouTube

Zakopane, the most popular ski resort in Poland

Now, let’s talk about the life in Poland

  1. First of all, Poland is CLEARLY a white country. It counts 38 millions of inhabitants, including around 400 000 foreigners. But to be honest, Poland’s foreigners aren’t too problematic right ?

  1. If you come from West Europe or even the USA, you probably met a lot of people from the famous religion of peace. You want some good news ? There are muslims in Poland, but they don’t represent 1% of the population. They represent LESS than 0.1% of the Poland inhabitants (they are Tatars)… You won’t even be able to meet them.

  2. Do You speak english ? Then you can speak with Poles. According to the 2019 EF English Proficiency Index, Polish citizens show a “very high level” of proficiency in English, just like Swedes, Germans or Finns.

  3. You like hookers ? This is where you will find your happiness brother : roksa.pl. By the way, the BEST hooker story of the forum happened in Poland. It’s not for no reason. Here’s the link (it’s in french but you can use deepl) : La pute de trop

  4. Poland is a Christian country. But not any kind of christans. They are Catholics ! 93% of Poles are Catholics. Churches are really beautiful, often full, and there are a lot of new ones. I let you check a map of churches in Poland to let you visualize a little bit.

  1. One last thing that will hit you if you come, it’s how clean and peaceful the streets are. It’s just astonishing. And of course, security. Poland is one of the safest countries in the world.

Find a place to live

Actually, there are two major cities in which we’ll install sections.

Warsaw and Krakow.

(You have the pictures higher in the presentation)

For the apartments : https://www.olx.pl/

In Warsaw, for around 400e per month, you have a new 51m² apartment with this kind of placement:

And in Krakow it’s the same, but the city has a medieval style of architecture

When you rent :

Landlords will often ask you for a deposit equal to one month’s rent, your identity card and your employment contract. Some landlords will ask for a guarantor and other documents.

Open a bank account

Bank Polski is fast, it takes about a week to get the card.

But you can easily live using your N26 or whatever online bank card.

Life cost

The currency is the zloty, 1e = 4.5zl

The food is twice less expensive than in France.

Polish catering: for 10e you get a good meal

Sports subscription: 30-50e per month, this is what I pay.

Some Basic Polish

Good morning = Dzien Dobry → Djen Dobre

Good bye = Do Widzenia ->Do Vizenia

Hi = Cześć → tchetch

Thank you = Dziękuję → Djen Kouyeah

Salaried employment

The unemployment rate is very low in Poland. Main positions you can access easily if you speak french are in sales and contact center.Of course if you are a specialist, you will find what you want.

The most interesting languages, if you are employed and want to make money :

Scandinavian languages > Dutch > Chinese > French, German > Russian,Italian, Spanish, Arabic.


Under 85,000 zloty: 19%

Above 85,000 zloty: 30%


To open a business in Poland, you need 1200e

Taxe : If you make less than 2M euros per year, it’s 19%.

By the way : The taxes here are useful. You have great roads, good public infrastructure, and when you pay it, you actively participate in the birth policy which helps White people not to be replaced by others.

Rest time

Poland, like France or Bulgaria, has the sea and snowy mountains.

So you have a lot of ski resorts in Poland such as Zakopane which is the most famous but it’s not the only one.

For the sea, it’s the Baltic Sea so no surfing but, it’s possible to rent a boat in summer or to go to the beach to run or walk along the water.

To party, you have a lot of regional parties depending on where you are located, usually in the summer it’s mostly festivals

Polish people also love theater, but if you don’t speak the language it will be complicated.

In this period of COVID, many places like bars supposed to be closed are still open.

It’s not bad to go and relax at the end of the week.

Some advices

Avoid pastries.

For transportation, always have a ticket, it’s impossible to cheat a train in Poland.

Practice the language or you will never manage to integrate and it’s always a big plus if you want good women.

And speaking of them…

Poles Women

I find them much finer than western women.

They are women who pay a lot of attention to themselves and their appearance, they like to please.

They are also very attached to their tradition, especially the traditional dances.

It’s something that has remained very anchored in them.

Generally, they are not afraid to look at you and do not hesitate, it’s always the right time to smile or even approach them.

I haven’t yet ventured into the salary expectations they have for their men, but it’s coming.

A government on our side

It’s something new for us, but this time, people who lead the country are on our side.

But as pictures worth 1 000 times words, just look what medias think of the actual Poland government :

First, LGBT Free-Zone : CNN

From this panel :

WashingtonPost about the actual president :

The spokesperson of the government who explains that Poland does not take Muslim migrants

BBC about Pro-life mesures of the government :

Finally, some pictures of the national day in Poland :

When did we see it last time in France ? Over 200 000 people JUST in Warsaw. And know it, BBC call them “far-right nationalists”.

School in Poland

Poland, according to PISA, is one of the best countries in the world for school.

And the good news is the fact that there is no LGBT propaganda nor leftist shit of the kind. Just look at what the president said :

So I think if you intend to send your kids to a polish school, you have no worries.

About the major objection : It’s to close from West

Ok, now let’s speak about a true subject which is leftism coming in east Europe.

First of all, a little reminder. Poland is not even an east Europe country. In fact, it’s a central European country (like Czech, Slovakia or Hungary for example).

And it has its border with Germany which is a big leftist country.

So, is it more exposed than other “east europe” countries ?

I can’t personally speak for other east european countries because I never went, but I’ll just quote Olivier_G2 about this (DBL S1 #41): “Baltic countries are more leftist than Poland or Bulgaria”.

So I’ll tell you the very truth about flaws here :

  • People are anti-russian because of the past and communism
  • The government, even if they are anti-eu and conservatives, they have a little socialist side (economically)
  • A significant number of urban youth is a bit ‘leftist” because they watch Netflix. Note that with time, when they start working, they join our side. (they discover something called life)

And let’s be real :

Poland is THE PLACE of the future of East Europe. If we lose here, it’ll probably be over for other easterns countries. Poland is one of the biggest countries of east and central europe, one of the biggest demography, biggest economy and most powerful army.

And just as I said, leftism cancer touches more and more youths BUT.

There are a lot of young conservatives Catholics DBL friendly. And if we look at demography, the ones doing the more kids are these conservatives catholics . Just look at this family of 8 kids : Mère courage, une famille nombreuse en Pologne | ARTE - YouTube

I will not lie. Yes there are some leftists (mostly in Warsaw) but they aren’t destroyed as the west ones. In fact, they actually could be saved.

But if we do nothing, the government could loose (even if they are keep fighting well against EU)

And life is still fantastic here !

To summarise :

Positive :

  • VERY White country
  • Pretty girls with good mind
  • Beautiful places
  • Good work place (I mean Emmanuel Fredenrich lives here)
  • Clean and safe street
  • Very good public infrastructure
  • Low cost of life
  • Governments on our side
  • Very good educational system
  • Acceptable taxes (not the best, but not the worse)
  • Fantastic Nature
  • Positive Energy
  • Legal prostitution with a lot of choices
  • People LOVE fight sports

Negatives :

  • Government tends to socialism economically
  • Significant amount of leftism in Warsaw between youths (but remember : they are not as destroyed as West’s one)
  • Food isn’t french. If you don’t put the price, it’s not good
  • As it is a very catholic country, Sunday is sacred. Which means a lot of shops are closed.

Amazing topic.

Thanks a lot Nathan :handshake:🏻


What a beautiful country

Good job @NathanV_G4

(@Charlie_G1 please add this nice topic for the DBL news )


Hello @NathanV_G4, and thank you for this job.

According to my criteria, it is one of my reference destinations:

  • Independent currency.

  • A strong army.

  • Culte and patriotism.

– Arms regulation.

  • Geography and mountain range.

It’s time to achieve my goals and expatriation.

DBL King

Thank you


Poland seems like a nice choice, I’m just concerned about Putin’s intentions on east and central Europe in the next 5 years. A war is definitely possible between Russia and and the west (and Russia will loose), but there is no way to know how far west he’ll go… Let’s hope he is stopped before Poland. In any case we can always leave when war breaks up, but we’ll have to react fast, some geopolitic analysts said that an invasion of baltic countries can be made in less than 72 hours by Russia.

Thank you Chick_Norris !

Good topic!

Even if I don’t expatriate in Poland, I definitely need to visit it!

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Great presentation !

As a half-blood Polish, I confirm everything you wrote ! (Except that Hi = Cześć → tchéchtch and not chetcht :wink: )

Honestly, I don’t see how it is possible to dislike Poland once you’ve been there.

I also add the fact that hospitality is taken very seriously by locals, so don’t deceive them !


Thank you very much for this topic !

Can’t wait to see a DBL Live about Poland !


Really nice presentation ! Thank you for this work.

Topic added to the DBL World Map.

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Thank you a lot for this topic really complete !

I’m pleasantly surprised about the level of the Poland’s schools

hello amigos I am looking for like-minded people in Poznan, Poland, for co-working sessions and for motivation.

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