Pierre-Adrien_G5 - 28 years old - Mathematics Research/Sports Betting

Hello everybody,

My name is Pierre-Adrien Tahay. I am 28 years old and single.

I have a PhD in mathematics since December 2020. I will start a postdoctoral position on September 1st, 2021 at the Czech Technical University in Prague for one year, maybe two.

I also make money with sports betting using statistical methods, and cryptocurrency channels (including the Canal Satoshi since I joined DBL).

I joined DBL for the community, the Canal Satoshi, and because I am moving to Prague soon and I think it is a very good place for expatriation.

Short-term goals :

  • Improve my English
  • Develop my business around sports betting with affiliation

Long-term goals :

  • Learn the Czech language
  • Develop other businesses to increase my financial strength


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A futur disciple maybe :slight_smile:

Welcome to you @Pierre-Adrien_G5

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