Phil-CH_G4 53 Organic Shop

Hello guys,

My name is Philippe, i live in Geneva, Switzerland, and work in an organic shop, and i’m single and straight.

After 2 years in Polytechnique School of Lausanne, i finished my studied of Informatique in the University of Geneva.

Interested with Health and business, i bought an organic shop in Geneva, and i’m still working in this domaine.

My mind is old-school and the way of mind and live of Swiss of french peoples is becoming creasy, with a lot of manipulations and stupidity. I don’t like to live with stupid peoples.

I know many peoples from est Europe and i really like their way of mind.

I work in different business since 20 years and the way of mind of DBL is motivating and positive. I will be independent, partially, very soon and totally, soon.

Thank you to DBL and tank you to all my colleagues and friends



Hello Philippe

Please add an avatar picture to complete your profile

Welcome Philip, so many Serbs in Switzerland…