Personal Development - Your Favorite Content?

Hi ! Every day I study different content during this damn health crisis just to improve the time … I already have all of Stéphane Édouard’s seminars. It’s very interesting! I also have the content of Nicolas Dolteau, the approach is also good but less precise … And of course Jean Marie Corda is enriching too … what would you recommend to me?

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I would recommend Entrepreneurs In Cars.

Great channel overall with solid advice. His motto:

Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Do the work. Quit your whining, and complaining. Make yourself your own mental point of origin. Never pedestalize a woman, and go forth and put your dent in the universe.

A good start would be this video he made that goes through a variety of different ways you can increase your testosterone levels.

Hope this is useful.



When it comes to coaching on the subject of relationships between men and women, there is one man who deserves a topic all his own: Coach Corey Wayne.

This American businessman has been advising men (and women) for many years to make their relationships successful.

His ebook: How to be a 3% man is a reference on this subject.

His approach is not only limited to seduction as with French coaches.

He tackles the subject of male/female relationships in depth and gives precious advice.

I am thinking of writing a topic about him soon. His audience is mainly entrepreneurs and responsible adults.

Jean Marie said on his Telegram channel that he could not find the right woman to start a family.

I think Corey Wayne is the kind of person who could really help him on that path.

If you’re interested, I suggest you to have a look on his video coaching newsletter :

if you want to increase your productivity and organise better :

these two creators will help you the most :

Hi guys, here a list of interesting YouTube channels that I like about personal development.

I don’t forget the king :

100 livres en 1 jour :

Florent Tavernier :

Elio Avila Munoz : his french channel :

Elio Avila Munoz : his english channel :

Eric Flag :

Mathias :

Julien Ek :

Have a nice day.

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Hello Quentin,

Thanks for posting.

There is no shortage of personal development mentors on the internet, and their numbers have only grown with confinement. Other DBL members have already made a selection on this topic.

Regarding Stéphane Edouard, I have some doubts. I fully respect his ideas, and generally approve of his sayings. On the other hand, it bothers me on the form. In 30 minutes of video, you can cut half of it. Often the first 5 minutes tell nothing, add no value. What about the attention economy?

I’m not saying that content has to be short. Look at Thinkerview : sometimes the interviews last more than three hours. But the speakers constantly bring high quality content.