Perpignan's school in Frankistan

A French teacher explains her daily life

A French teacher explains the reality in her college near Perpignan where boys rule the law: impossible to wear a tank top a skirt, or even just a simple t-shirt: girls wear long sleeves in the middle of summer , otherwise they are “bitches or bitches”.

In class, they study texts from the 19th century. The text is accompanied by an engraving of a woman in period dress, wearing a plunging neckline. The shocked students wonder, "Ma’am, could women dress like this? They were not being treated (sic)? " A boy replies, “But that’s not respectful.” Further on, the teacher explains that if a young girl goes out with a boy, she no longer has the right to talk to another boy, otherwise the boyfriend would pass “for a weakling” who does not know how to hold his girlfriend. .

The teacher explains that this behavior towards girls is not due to religion since the protagonists are not necessarily Muslims. The truth is that today’s youth are obviously subject to and submit to the culture of newcomers.

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