Pareto.G5 - 21 - Copywriting - Media Buying - Influence Marketing


My nickname on here will be Pareto, as the well-known Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto.

I am in the digital marketing space since 2018 and it started to pay off in 2020 by doing dropshipping with Facebook Ads.

I have experience in Media Buying, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Direct-Response Copywriting, and Virtual Assistant Management.

Now looking for a stable income as a Freelancer, I’ll still be launching new business ventures, and am in the process of D2C brand creation.

Joined DBL silently in January, so I guess I’m a G4 (correct me if I’m wrong), even though I never participated in the forum before.

I am already expatriated in a western country. Looking forward to flying to Eastern Europe in the next few months.

If anyone needs a copywriter or influence marketer, just let me know as I am currently available for some tasks or projects, I am experienced in these roles.

I have marketing experience in English and I am fluent in it for many years now, so if you want to expand to international markets, I can help with that for sure.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring value and develop my professional network here.

I stay available if anything, just DM me or reply here so we can share contacts.

With much appreciation for taking the time to read through,




Indeed, switch G4 to G5

Welcome to you