👨‍🏫 Our Best Youtube channels

What are your most useful youtube channels to learn things ? Important :

  1. no entertaining channels, only valuable channels.
  2. no political channels (ex : Jsuis pas content TV, TV Liberté,…)
  3. no whistleblower channels (ex : lapintaquin, Bruno Le salé,…)

My personal choice :

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Here’s my list :

Obviously :

In this channel, I only follow Charles Dereeper but in general this channel is very good

About psychology of marketing

One last, which is about cryptocurrencies

Hope I made you discover one channel that you’ll like

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I’m stating the obvious but… the best channel in the world :

Second best channel in the world :

High Tech & Engineering

For people who want to know more about high tech and insights about big tech companies, this one is really good :

For nerdy people like me, or people willing to discover the beauty of engineering & hacking :

Mastering any skill

This one is A LITTLE BIT about entertainment… BUT it defenetly shows the power of focus, what you can achieve when you put dedication in learning something :

Get rich

This one about trading, investing, entrepreneuring, real estate :

I’m only newly subscribed like last week but he’s been recommended a lot one the forum.

Jordan Brako, who was a guest in one of JM’s lives :

Charisma, Style, Eloquent Speaking

It’s a bit too much oriented towards politics for my taste but still very Interesting.

Atlernative way to build your body

« Super functional training » he calls it :

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A lot of very interesting videos:

like this one (on game theory): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StRqGx9ri2I

For the Crypto

For the motivation

For the seduction / psychology

I hope he will forgive me :wink:

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Way !!!

Learn Maths

(for maths/prepa students)

Courses in youtube

Programming/web developpement

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