💍 Order your holy DBL ring now ! ( only 49 left )

Hello bros !

I know you’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time !

Doesn’t it feel like when you were a child waiting for your Christmas gift ? :gift:

I know it must be difficult for you …

But you know what ?

Today I feel myself like a Santa Claus :santa:

Why ?

Because it’s a little bit like a Christmas but even much better!

Your present is finally available

Of course I want to talk about the holy DBL ring :

Jean-Marie, Silvio and I worked for 9 months on this project!

Because we wanted to create a perfect ring for you.

But I have to tell you a secret …

We have done this with too much energy, really it was totally crazy …

Imagine three men from DBL work hard like beasts to make the best ring in the world.

And we destroyed our goal !

Not only did we create one perfect ring for you, but finally we also made three perfect rings for you :

  • the classical ring 300€ : solid silver ring 925 + classic case)
  • the luxury ring 500€ : solid silver 925 with rodhium plating, possibility to have your name engraved
  • and the unique ring 1200€ : Unique model, diamond/blue sapphire/red sapphire

Because we wanted everyone to be able to have a high-quality ring.

dont care if you are rich or poor !

because in DBL we are all equal as brothers :muscle:

I would like to continue talking to you about the holy signet ring, but unfortunately, I can’t tell you more…

Because so many of you are ordering a ring from me and I am too busy …

I have to get back to my jewelry workshop to make rings for the community !

Take a look at this one, with a perfect diamond 0.15 carrat

So if you haven’t ordered your DBL ring yet, and if you want to know how it feels like to be a king when you wear it :crown:

Here is the link that will allow you to acquire your precious personal ring :


:warning: But you need to be fast !

Remember when I said " today is a little bit like Christmas but even much better ! "

It is true.

Christmas is only for one day .

(ok , maybe two days together with the 24th of December )

It is a very short period …

So I will give you more time for ordering your personal ring !

At the beginning, I wanted to keep the selling page active every time !

But I’ve already received too many orders, and unfortunately, I’m going to close the selling page prematurely …

because I don’t want to be overwhelmed with too many orders.

My priority is to work in good condition to guarantee you a piece of work with exceptional quality.

like this one , a luxury model with black rodhium cap :sunglasses:

The selling page is active only for the next 50 rings :

It is not a lot, I know but I didn’t have a choice …

I will re-open the selling page when I’m gonna finish all the orders that I have to do.

It will take a long time , maybe 4-6 months …

So I’ll give you one last opportunity to be one of the first with this incredible piece of art !

Get your personal ring :arrow_down:

La Sainte Chevalière DBL - PDV

To help you get your ring size, a link below will teach you how : Sainte chevalière DBL : connaître sa taille de doigt

P.S. some of you asked me how I can order the ring if I don’t have the time to go to the jewelry shop for getting my ring size ?

In this case, you can buy the ring directly a let me know your ring size after, when you will have time :wink:

P.S.S : I will use this post to add some pictures and videos of m’y work so you will be able to follow the realisation of your ring and I will keep you informed when it will be ready for shipping :muscle:


Hard working day :muscle:

The firsts rings we able soon guys :wink: !


@Sebastien.N_G1 your ring is almost done , just need to be polish :wink:

I am waiting to receive your ring box but my supplier isa little bit late …

So your ring should be shipped the next week :muscle:


Ok I want my ring. What should I do? Links to order? How long before I can wear it? Good job from the pictures I can see bro, beautiful pieces.


Thanks Falco !

we had problems with the sales page, she was not working this day beaucause of OVH …

but it is working again :muscle:

you can order your DBL ring with this link https://www.coachcorda.com/lasaintechevalieredbl

Actualy we have some availability for new orders .

if you order your ring this week , i can garanted your ring will will be make and shiped in 2 month maximum .


Finaly m’y suplier send me the ring box

sorry for being a little bit late .

now i will start to send the rings so be ready guys :muscle:


@Nekri_G1 @OlivierG2 @Dr_Laurent_G1

There is yours diamonds :gem:


This is your red saphir :gem:

@Mircea_G2 @Kapkan-G1

There is yours blue saphir :gem:

Yours ring was already mades in silver , and the stones will be set ont yours ring soon :muscle:


Thanks Alex for keeping us updated. I am looking forward to wear it.


Hey Axel, is it still time to order a ring ? :slight_smile:


Hello matt .

yes i still have some avaibility for new orders :wink:

you can check the selling page for get your personal ring .


Hi @Axel.naackeG1

I have just received my Holy Ring Luxe (Silver and Rhodium),

I have only one thing to say: it is perfect !

The precision, the quality, the box, it is just exceptional !

It shines so bright that my camera can’t see all the details.

Here are some pictures of the ring :

Thank you again for the exceptional quality of your work.



Thank you @Victor_G1 i really appreciate your feedback !

it was a pleasure to make this ring for you .

And now you can feel the power of the ring when you wear it :muscle:


Hi, how long before I receive my ring if I start the classic model (I am in Estonia I guess I add the time of travel)

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Hi Thom .

I you order your ring this days you will have your ring at the end of september more or less :wink: