🏪 Nova-Pijaca - The new classified ads website in Balkans

Hello everyone !

Today i will introduce you my new project designed to revolutionize commerce in the Balkans.


➡️ Who I am ?

My presentation is available but to summarize my name is Maxime, I am 26 years old and I have been creating all types of sites since arround ten years for my needs or those of my clients.

I arrived in Montenegro two months ago to settle here and I watch a lot of house and apartment listings for sale and rent.

I quickly realized that the online services were not very developed or with a very old design, not user friendly and they did not have a platform like “Leboncoin” as in France and it is a little complicated to find a property or anything else …

I took it as a challenge and for two weeks and one half I have worked as an autist.

➡️ What is Nova Pijaca ?

We believe that everything is shared and everything is transmitted. We are convinced that proximity can generate incredible opportunities. You can give your objects a second life and it is with this very simple idea that we intend to contribute (at our humble level) to changing the world.

Passionate about development and websites, the idea of Nova Pijaca came quickly and quickly became obvious. It is on this market place, that you will be able to sell and buy at the best all that exists and all that is sold.

Language already available : English :uk: / Sebro-croatian :montenegro: / French :fr:

Welcome among us !

➡️ Business Plan

       :one: Who is my market and my target audience ?

:white_check_mark: Intended for all Balkan countries (list below*), the strength of the Nova Pijaca platform is that it is aimed at absolutely everyone, it can be used by individuals and professionals, regardless of ideas, social class, origins, etc …

Monténégro (622K :busts_in_silhouette:) , Serbia + Kosovo (6,9M :busts_in_silhouette:), Bosnia Herzegovina (3,3M :busts_in_silhouette:), Croatia (4,1M :busts_in_silhouette:), Slovenia (2,1M :busts_in_silhouette:), Macedonia (2,1M :busts_in_silhouette:), Bulgaria (7M :busts_in_silhouette:), Romania (19,4M :busts_in_silhouette:), Albania (2,8M :busts_in_silhouette:)

Total potential target : 48,3 millions of people.

       :two: What is the competition ?

The first website for find a property : Realitica (dot)com

For find a car or a motorcycle : Autodiler (dot)me

For all but not serious : Kupi (dot)me (Montenegro) / Kupujemprodajem (dot)com (Serbia)

There are surely others, but none has a real monopoly.

       :three: What is the way of remuneration ?

Nova Pijaca is free to use, but, you can put the chance on your side to find a buyer in record time with our professional solutions.

I offer 3 packages at different price that will allow you to use :

Boosted Ads (automatically rise in the search results)

Highlighted Ads (decorate your offers with an elegant light outline)

Featured Ads (Show on the home page, decorated with an urgent flag and rise in the search results)

Our Packages

➡️ The marketing & development strategy

For the moment only Montenegro is available, but it is purely strategic because I have 30 minutes to add a country. That way, I'll be able to promote the new countries like it's something crazy on social networks.

The difficulty with a platform like this is that its success depends on the trust users have and the number of ads they post.

So I need to quickly establish myself as the best solution to sell anything, for that, I planned to hit hard with a big marketing campaign:

> Burn Facebook Ads

> Google Ads

> Take advertising boards along Tivat airport

> Distribution of thousands of Flyers in the biggest cities

The goal is for citizens to see me everywhere and to talk to each other about this new platform.

I think I have my chances because they use these marketing methods very little and they are probably not used to being spammed from everywhere like that…

❓ My questions

:information_source: Do you think it could be interesting to have a platform like this on a European scale ?

:information_source: Do you have a platform like this in Estonia ?

:information_source: Do you have an idea to motivate users to post the first ads?
(I have a few local contacts who will play the game at the start)


For reading my project, all opinions and supports 🙏🏼

Ps : Sorry for mistakes, i work my english everyday :upside_down_face: