Notion x Satoshi channel

Hi everyone,

I joined the Satoshi’s channel 15 minutes ago, and the percentage of multiples coins made my head spin.

Notion (if you know it) is a good technology to save time and I present you a useful tool for don’t waste your time with a lot of mathematics. I’m going to introduce the solution.

If you don't have the application, is here

When you create a page, you find “Table” in the database’s menu.

Create it and you will obtain this.

Then, fill in of the different coins names, and in the right, add a column of percentage like this.


Next, make another column in the right, “Formula” and fill it with this phrase : prop(“Tags”) * 500

Caution: 500 is the number in your crypto wallet, make it with your investments.

And there is the result


When you have a change in the percentage of one coin, modify it and make sure you have 100%

If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact me for more precision, (it is more easy in French).

Have a nice evening


good tip thanks

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Thanks for the share.

However, when you are in Binance all the values are in BTC.

To buy and sell, you need to do it in BTC. It is a pain in the ass to calculate it. So I have made a spreadsheet to calculate.

[ I HAD MADE A BETTER ONE AUTOMATISED in this topic: Satoshi Chanel Automated Rebalancing Spreadsheet

You can download, the spreadsheet here (version slighty improve):

User's Guide

The user only uses yellow cases.

  1. We fill the répartition for each Crypto, as given by the canal Satoshi

We check that on the orange case the total is equal to 100%

  1. We copy-paste, in cell C1, the total value of your portfolio:

  2. We copy-paste, in column D, the amount of each crypto that we have :

  3. Press the button “Remplacer les points par des virgules”, the macro will remplace “.” by “,” , so excel can work correctly.

We check that on the second orange case the sum of each token is equal to the total of the portfolio

  1. Column E gives the spread between what you have and what you should have. You have to buy/sell this amount of spread to get back on the right distribution.

Hopefully, it will help some people.


Thanks for the detailed user’s guide. It’s very useful.

But I can’t download the spreadsheet : message



Nice, I didn’t think than Binance was so hard to trade euros.

Thanks a lot for your contribution

For most tokens, I didn’t find how to convert it in EUR.

But all tokens can be exchange against BTC.

However, I don’t know if using BTC is the best way to rebalance portfolio.

Maybe, there is a way to get less spread (difference between buying and selling price) in using another crypto. If someone from the crypto barack can help us, it would be great.


Hi Guys, It’s maybe because it’s friday or because it is cold outside but I am lost. Would have been really nice if the tutorial would show the FIRST Balance (i.e. how to get to the first % split with all the curency), then show us how to follow the FIRST signal where we change the % and last to show us where we see, as a sumup our % balance to double check that all is good (do you have a screen on Binance where you see the Cryptos and next to it the % of your wallet. I see only equivalent in BTC)? Tomorow is saturday, I will go check a little more deeply and check also the tools you developed :slight_smile: Cheers, M


ty very much for that good idea !

The Satoshi channel team gonna take this kind of tips for upgrade the channel :grin:

Another 2 stupid questions: In the tutorial #5 we trade BTC against USDT by choosing BTC/USDT then we SELL 25% of BTC.

But for other crypto like FTT I find only FTT/BTC and not the BTC/FTT like in the example. Does this means that instead of selling BTC, I am buying FTT? The questions: 1/ are those 2 things (selling BTC against FTT or buying FTT with BTC equivalent and are the % working the same way (a-t-on la meme base 100?)).

2/ Doing that (the signal was saying I should own 3% of FTT) I received this message:


Knowing that I started with 100 € to test. I can not own 3€ of FTT or I missed something.

Big respect for the expert in Crypto :), I thought I was smart but I will really need to work a little bit the thing!



Thanks a lot for your tips guys!

But watch out, im not sure JM would like to see that you share here screenshots of the satoshi channel, which is private. Maybe a Satoshi section should be opened so we speak freely there?


That would be great, in fact I did send an email to the support with this proposition.


I got to say that because of the lack of information on how to buy easily the % of cryptos asked I completely messed up and now my wallet looks like this

Any help by someone who knows how to get things right easily is appreciated right now, I invested 1K euros for a start


I’m also new in the Satoshi channel.

I have some beginner’s question to ask.

I start with 0 crypto currency.

And I have 2500 € to invest.

  1. When should I buy ? I see that BTC is crushing right now.

  2. should I buy 2500 € BTC then convert it to 30% BTC, 30% ETH, etc …


Should I buy directly 30% of 2500 € in BTC = 750€ BTC 30% ETH --> 750€ of ETH Etc, …

  1. I don’t understand those signes ::gem:and :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Long term (gem) means that we should put it money to get a saving ? (It’s an option on binance he talks about in tutorials called : « Binance Earn »)


Use it will rebalance easily.

In the menu you’ll see “automation”. Then you get this:

There you can tip the exact % of each coin, set the duration between each rebalance (on my picture it is every 12 hours). But this bot is 19$/ month.

Actually if it is too difficult to rebalance manually for you, you won’t be able to follow the signals every day. Binance provides little tutorials on how to use their trading boards.


Well buying now, at the all time high, seems pretty idiotic. To win money, there is the simple rule: « Buy when it’s low, sell when it’s high ». But you lucky, BTC loses sometimes 20% a day.

Buy as much USDT as you can (not USDC). Some crypto can’t be bought with USDC despite they are on the channel list. Then from those USDT, buy the exact %. You might consider using only half your money, and keeping the other half for when the market is bearish (=goes down)

No. Here we do trading, not staking.

The gem means a limit order, an order which will occur whenever the BTC reaches the set price. Example: « sell 10% of BTC when price reaches 50k$ »

The raising chart means a market order, an order which will occur at the time you click on buy or sell.


Thx for your answer,

I bought yesterday 750€ of BTC. (I rushed that to fast … I feel I made a mistake) What should I do ?

Convert it to match the % of the satoshi channel ?

Or should I keep it like this ?

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Either sell it at a good price, and entry the market when its lower. But it could be a waste of time. Or yes, follow the channel.

Everyone did mistakes trhoughout his crypto travel. The goal is to do as little as possible.

The timing of the channel is horrible, I agree.

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You can watch the balance of your portfolio, by clicking on “Annalyse des P et P”, on the main account,


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Be carefull in the crypto canal it is USDC.

First, I put 100€ and I get the same message, but with 1000€ it works just fine. You need to do transactions with a minimum of amount.

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