NicolasK_G4, 38 Years old Electromecanician

Hi every one, my name is Nicolas, 38 years old, coming from France, actually in Quebec from 4 years.

i work in Montreal as électromecanician, i have 2 professionnals diplomations from Quebec. In France i had study Traditionnal medecine for 5 years and 2 years of practice, also i’m originally a graphist and i did the art school in Angouleme…

i’m interested about technology, learning informatics, internationnal, building my project, eastern country, develop some interesting friend-relations, continue to study, and martial arts. I really hope to realise my projects and find my place in this world…

I came into Quebec, because i finally realise that the majority of French people make me angry. And here in Montreal, i like the ambiance, but i think deeply inside me that maybe my real place is in eastern country, maybe Russia or Poland, because i feel i have more moral interest there.



Just enough, so that we understand where you come from.

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Hi !

And thank a lot for your critics !

i change some details in my presentation, to be more conform of the standarts.

Also, after thinking again, about what i have to say about me, i didnt say that i practice martial arts as a simple black belt, i practice Ninjutsu from around 10 years.

I love the nature, and i’m interested about survivalism, but i’m not really into that… But i consider myself as a Warrior !

Also i’m half Polish, and i know a bit this country, but i know it is in europe…

i plan to develop a mark of new products, but as the same time i would like to return to study, around ingeniery, sience, materials.

so, my project is not really clear, cus i still canot see clearely my priority. Also depend of the potential of my economys.

as for example, wich eastern coutry is better for my second expatriation, also, find some advice, and a comunity in the coutry where i decide to go !

So, yes ! I also search a solution for be coached and recieve some help for my project …

Thank a lot for reading me again, and hope to read you soon !

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Welcome to DBL Nicolas!

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