Nicolas - 26 yo - E-commerce

Dear brothers,

My name is Nicolas, 26 yo French (in couple with an ukrainian girl), I am a real estate engineer reconverted in e-commerce.

I have been following the DBL community and Jean-Marie Corda for several years, in fact I am already a member of Daniel Conversano’s “Les braves” network, which shares certain convictions.

What attracts me to DBL is the pragmatism and business qualities of its members. I am a capitalist and I have a great work force contrary to the values of other “right wing communists”, so co-optation is important.

My short term goals:

  1. No longer having to live in the communist state of France

  2. Live permanently in Eastern Europe (from the beginning of May to the end of July, I will be in Ukraine, also I speak russian)

  3. Have a stable business (I already have an Estonian company, but no real stable income, I have skills in Dropshipping, Google Ads, SEO)

My long term goals:

  1. Founded a large family

  2. Be member of a influential community

  3. Get some fuck-you money, and stop thinking about the western dystopia

Thank you all,



Welcome ‘‘brother brave’’

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Thank you