Nicoduvin - 24 - Engineer & drop shipping


I am 24 years old, engineer by training and dropshipper, athletic, I live between St Nazaire and Toulouse in France.

I discovered DBL through YouTube and 2 very good friends.

My goals : power day (28/12/2020)/ no fap (3 weeks)/ no porn (29/12/2020)/ no social media (04/01/2020) ==> to reach financial independence to get out of this rat’s life.

I’m not here to have friends but to talk business with partners. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Bonjour

J’ai 24 ans, ingénieur de formation et dropshippeur, sportif, j’habite entre st Nazaire et Toulouse.

J’ai découvert DBL via YouTube et via 2 très bon potes

Mes objectifs : power day (28/12/2020)/ no fap (3 semaines)/ no porn (29/12/2020)/ no social média (04/01/2020) ==> atteindre l’indépendance financière pour sortir de cette vie de rat.

Je suis pas ici pour avoir des amis mais pour parler business avec des partenaires

mots clés : power /day / powerday / deep/ work / dbl/ pnl/ mindset/ millionnaire/ noporn

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Hi mate,

You must write your presentation in English please.

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Hi Nicoduvin ! Welcom in the community !

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Hi :slight_smile: thank you ! lets see how it works now.

It’s hard but it’s great full ! :wink:

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Welcome Nico, I can see many guys are from Bretagne or not far in DBL, really good to see ‹ ‹ la crème de la crème › › arrived here.

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Hi, glad to know some of us come from there :slight_smile: We are actually a group of 3 guys (drop/design/bet (tradding)/sport). Deep Work in progress :wink:

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