NFT in fashion?

Hello Everybody,

I Need your opinion as possible NFT concept.

Like Many Of You, I Was Directly Plunged Into In Burning Game of the Crypto Ecosystem.

Being Fashion Designer, Centered on Luxury Artistic Product, with Some Crazy Licenses. I Was Thinking, Why to not Offer My Collection in NFT? (Open Sea)

The Garments Are Only Unique and hand painted pieces.

I Have About 70 JPEG images of my creations (Pushed at 140 if you count the back side of a piece)

Do you think it’s possible to launch the concept on a specialized cite like Open Sea?

If So, do you have an experience of creating a Community Before Launch, starting from Nothing?

Tell Me Everything!

Regards :slight_smile:


Maybe you should check this website which is also a NFT marketplace but for single pieces of art while opensea is used more for generative art at the moment. But there are many artist selling NFTs as a product.

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Okey thanks for all :wink:

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