Next Level Marketing ! We make videos for your ecommerce

Morning DBL bros,

I hope that you feel great today!

I am Fred_G4, I would want to present you my marketing agency Viral Vertical which produces videos and professional photos for businesses. You can see our portfolio here :

If you have an ecommerce, you should check out our portfolio ! Do you know instagram Reels ?

We offer these services:

  • Shooting and producing an instagram Reel : 500 euros
  • Shooting and producing an optimized Facebook Ad Video : 1000 euros
  • Shooting and producing 4 optimized Facebook Ad Videos (only the 5 first seconds are different) : 1200 euros.
  • 1 Professional photo : 60 euros
  • 12 Professional photo : 600 euros
  • Production of a video with the content delivered by the brand : 300 euros

We offer a 10% discount code for DBL brothers, just say that you’re from DBL when contacting us!

Best Regards,

Fred_G4 Viral Vertical