Need more books? Stop feeding those amazon faggots

Hi everyone.

Fed up with that disgusting company and its “libertarian” CEO Jeff Bezos? These bastards keep mocking me and have been stealing the funds I made when I sold legitimate stuff.

This is why I share with you a free alternative to read almost any book you want (mostly in english, but also some in French) (or or ) and there are some alternatives.

Since 2020 you need a VPN to access these websites, thanks to the Frankistan Dictatorship.


Edit: try, you may not need to use a VPN


Hi @Joe_G3!

Also as a Libgen mirror.

Bookys (google is your friend), is nice to find files available publicly.

And also yggtorrent can be nice for books, courses etc.

If a website is locked, you can use a VPN or just change your DNS settings to Google’s DNS (btw Google is your friend) and it will work smoothly.

Have a nice day!