Need a Crypto launch partner


I come to you for your help and advice.

I will soon launch my projects in crypto form.

I have to say it. It really is a nugget and I believe in it so much that i already quit all my French friends for it…

Everything is ready. Concept, sponsors, guests, sale page, NFT, utility page… :heart_eyes:

The problem is, I’m a programming noob and i don’t want it to go wrong. I want everything to be perfect.

So I’m looking for someone with experience who can lend me a hand. I would like to add him to the team.

I remind you that this is not a shitcoin. It’s based on my life plan.

And yes, obviously DBL bros come first! :male_detective:

Second thing, is there a DBL telegram group talking about project crypto?

Thanks for your time.


Hi Kewin.

What do you need a partner for? Programming? Smart contract? Solidity coding?

Keep up the good work. :+1:



At first, I was looking for a brother that could make me a smart contract.

but with a deep research i will most likely use Pink Sale. This is a great way to reassure investors. High visibility of tokenomics, locking of the liquidity pool and so on…

But in the long run, I’ll need to develop a small game and some page like a coin swap etc. You think you can do that kind of things ?

But anyway, it’s seams i may have some help and some working brothers here.

This is what i was looking for. I’ll be back when everything will be 100% ready.

I will present the whole project and explain his details.

Have a nice day Laurent,

See you soon :wink: