My little experience in Jonquera and China

Hi guys,

I would tell you my little experience of prostitutes.

It begin few years ago in Spain (Jonquera), i was with friends in Perpignan and we planned to go to the Paradise. At this moment, we didn’t know how this place works :joy:. We went there with 4 guys and 2 or 3 girls (i can’t exactly remember) include my girlfriend and… the director at the entry was shocked to see girls but he let us enter because « it’s ramadan and we don’t have so many customers » :joy::joy::joy:He didn’t let us go to the regular room, we were directed to the VIP room because of girls. Only mens could go to regular room and the difference between VIP and normal is very huge ! In the VIP there is nice shows with girls and girls are waiting for you, they will not directly talk and touch you. I was in regular room just for try and when i put one feet inside, 2 girls instantly grabbed our arms and rub their breast on us ! I stayed here for 10 min and back to the VIP room with my GF. We met a black couple in the VIP and the guy were in the regular room with one of my friend, after we knew he fucked a prostitute while his wife was with us in the VIP… Crazy but funny. At this moment i never used prostitute services.

My second experience and my first time with prostitute was in China, my Chinese friend use prostitutes services very often in his country and know it very well. It made me secure because prostitutes are forbidden here(not exactly but they play with the laws for their activity, it not officially prostitution center :grin:). You must know how it work here , you can pay for 1 girl and for the price, you have food and drinks + 1 room for sleep all the night if you want. I paid something like 300-400 yuan (40-50 euro).We were in little building and they bring us in our private rooms. The rooms are very nice, big bed, TV and bath + shower. My friend was with me for talk in chinese during my choice and the girls available paraded in front of us. I choose the youngest one and it was nice moment, she was very kind with me and she only would suck me (+ the normal way: massage…), i refused because at this moment i was afraid for diseases. In this place, the regular service is: she wash you, massage, ass hole licking, masturbation and CIM. If you want more, it s not official and you must negociate with the girl.

I went there for my last time before back to france, i was drunk and i was decided to really consume the girl. I choose another one and she gave all the regular service + she proposed to me to penetrate her, i accepted. The fuck was very big shit, she was hurting by my dick because she was dry and didn’t use lub. I stopped 2 min after when i seen that. i finished in CIM and it was good pleasure. At the end, she told me to pay her, i gave her 200 yuan because of her low quality service and she was very angry for that :confused: I regret, if i can go to the past i would gave her more for her try.

I really want back to China, the country is very nice and i like this prostitute service because i am in love with asian girls. I can recommend this service, for the price of hotel, you can have sex party ! I will probably go to Spain or Germany before China for try other prostitutes places.

Best regards.


If you said you gave her 2000 for a low quality you said?

But higher in the text you said the other experience was 300-400 = 40-50€

So if you really have given 2k Yuan compared to the previous one described it looks to me a very bad deal for you or I missed something? :thinking:


Yes I made mistake, it s 200 yuan, not 2000. I correct it thank you :+1:

In which city ? What kind of place where you in ? A regular spa or a hotel ?

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It was in chongqing. It was pleasure place dedicated to this but officially it s something like massages and hotel. It s like “bordel” finally :joy:

Ok I see. I have kind of similar experieces in China as well. Unfortuntely it s disappointing most of the time haha

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how was your experience ?

Hi guys, do you know what are the prices in Joncquera ?


I think it almost 50 euro for the cheapest service.

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