My archeofuturistic cult

I’ve done a lot of thinking in my life and i’ve reached the following conclusion : the main force that defines a community’s shape and will is their god (or their absence of god)

  • christian europeans of 1930 that went to church once a week
  • islamists
  • our actual commies/leftists

imagine if every french was a traditionalist catholic that had no particular political idea but followed the basic rules, such as going to church once a week, no divorce, at least 6 children… with just that, the global elite would be in trouble, their multiculturalist would simply not be possible and they would have to spend another 100 years trying to soil and destroy these values

The reasons why some are very powerful is because they have a god that tells them : “you have this country, i give it to you”, “follow the many rules in my book to hone yourself and become a better person”, “make a lot of money and become a very important person” etc. very concrete, pragmatic tasks that have nothing to do with “wipe the feet of the poor” or “give your other cheek to be slapped” that you lean in christianism

So i came up with the idea of launching a new cult, with a new aesthetic, and rule that promotes the synthesis of aristocracy, even though i have no writing, drawing talent, i know that with the right amount of money i can get the stuff done by talented people !

Here is my manifesto, if some of you wealthy guys are interested in launching the project with me, we just have to get in touch : :x::x::x:




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