Muscle pc and other

Hello forgive me my English I use Google translate…

I come to you after reading mantak chia’s book.

I practice stop pee. The contraction of the pc muscle.

Although when I contract it I contract the whole stomach and buttocks…

I don’t understand when I masturbate and it’s going to happen I contract but I still squirt and spill.

How can I use it better? And how can I be sure that I am contracting the pc muscle?

I’m trying to tap my glans in my hand to desensitize when I’m erect. I’ve read about this technique here.

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It’s because you lack of practice, you just have to practice more Kegel exercises in order to isolate the muscle. Corda talks about it in the video about Kergel exercise in his French YouTube channel if I ain’t wrong.

Thank you for your answer. When you want to try to contract to avoid sending the sauce. Do you contract by stopping masturbation? Or do you do both?

Are the JM corda trainings in French?

Thanks a lot man

Hi need a little help. When I contract the pc muscle to the point of no return… I stop all movement and just contract after 10 15 seconds I can resume but not even a minute later it happens again. How can I get a little more time?


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You can try different ways :

  • Wait a little bit longer before contracting, so you can still have a part of the orgasm while contracting.
  • Wait a little bit longer when you’re contracting, in order to let you penis shrink.
  • Contract harder so you can lower your level of excitement.

Have a good fapping


thanks I will try. i can buy sex tao. after reading mantak chia’s book i finished it today

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Hi. I have a question about having an orgasm without ejaculation. Should we at the point of no return contract the pc muscle and stop the back and forth? Or do both simultaneously? Because I don’t have orgasms when I block but if I continue the movements I ejaculate.

My first block when I stop the back and forth… is useless because even if I move a little. A minute later I’m on the point of no return again. I must be doing it wrong.