Move to Bulgaria 🇧🇬

:wave: Hello DBL members,

As you probably seen, we offer jobs in Bulgaria to expatriate you. :bulgaria:

Expatriate with a local job :briefcase:

These jobs are in French and in English and they pay really well for Bulgaria. If you are a student you will probably step out 2 social classes just by moving to Sofia with the job that we offer.

In order to benefit from our networt and to join the community you should contact us before coming to Bulgaria to have a plan and organize the community.

First of all to register for the job do it here :

Then we will schedule a call to see if you can match Sofia’s worker market.

:man_office_worker: Before coming to Bulgaria you need :


*1500€ to make the transition from France to your appartment in BG and other stuff

*Take the expatriation pack to relocate and benefit from the community services

*Have minimal/basic technical skills with a PC (DNS, Word, Excel, …)

:warning: if you do not ping us before coming, you will do everything alone and the community won’t accept to give you services but you can just join the group section. You have to follow the process. We do not expatriate tourist or retarded.

We have a session for the 4th of July but others are planned for August and September.

:timer_clock: Hurry places are limited.

Expatriate as a freelancer or with a company :globe_with_meridians:

Jobs are not the only thing that we are offering.

If you’re already making money by your own, first congratulations. Then we also have services to make your registration in Bulgaria straightforward either you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur.

We’ll help you to go through :

  1. Your immigration, you’ll take our fast-lane to get your card in one day what others take a week to get.
  2. Registering your company.
    1. Getting your VAT number.
    2. Opening a professional bank account in a brick and mortar bank.
  3. Or make your Freelance registration.

On the way we’ll provide you our best tips and advices on how to optimize your taxes in Bulgaria and how become a tax resident and also few other informations that are already available on our website :

The process ? Extremely simple, go to our website and fill up the form down the homepage or contact @MelliCapensis on Telegram and we will make a call, in order for you to explain your situation and we will provide you the best solutions according to your needs.