MofosGuy - Professional Actor

Hi dudes!

Yeah. Like my username suggest: i’m the guy who worked for Mofos and make the Let’s Try Anal, Stranded Teens, I Know That Girl…

Today i’m building my own studio and maybe do another scenes.

I don’t gonna lie, I not very approve Corda’s view on many subjects. However… I’m here for know him better, and he’s a good humorist: it’s a fact.

About me… I’m French, lives in Clermont-Ferrand, like good beers and food… I’m pretty shy (ironic for my job) and never talk to much about me.

I think it’s all. If you have questions, i’m here.


Dude, are you that guy for real?


For sure.


Geez :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, as i’m 39yo, I’m an old fan I ain’t gonna lie :smiley: Even back from the whole Bangbus era and all that. Like, have you seen the Orgyental flicks ? when they had their own rap and they use to give marks to the girls at the end, lmao. that thing was hilarious. Tell me youve seen that duuude :wink:


Sorry but no, I was not a classic actor in sens I’ve worked exclusively for MindGeek and nerver really talked to other guys in the profession or be an active part of this world.

Mofos just gave me a date with a girl and I did the job. I’m not familiar with this industry, and honestly I’m happy with that. Today, I’m fighting with them…

Maybe it’s because of that they series seems so different to today what makes Jordi or another Mofos’s dude.

Whatever, It’s a pleasure to talk with somebody likes my job :smiley:


So, you mean you just did a scene for them once? You’re fighting for the rights or something ?


Once ? Please…

I’m not a girl thinking about her life’s choice after a nude shot :rofl:

I’ve worked for them practically 4 years and didn’t be paid a single cent. So yes, I’m taking back all my work with me and never make a scene again if I’m not the owner of the rights.

That’s a long story, too long… Today I don’t give a fuck if that was my Agent or MindGeek who robbed me, but they series (Let’s Try Anal, Stranded Teens, I Know That Girl…) are my work and now I’m bringing all back exclusively to my own business. That includes a lot of DMCA for many tubes.


My bad, I see now. Damn, that’s a good story :stuck_out_tongue: I got some funny story too, like about things I did in my 10+ years in China. Let’s share more, I feel like it can finally get fun in here :slight_smile:

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