Mitch_G4 - 44 - Freelance Engineer

Hi Guys !

I am 44 years old freelance engineer. I live in the french Alps, 40 min away from Geneva. I have a house that includes 2 extra appartments that I rent. I have a girlfriend with whom I am likely to have a pretty long relationship.

My Reason for coming : I want to join an exciting community of reliable business partners with whom I can also share a kind of brotherhood.

My goals :

  • Make money online
  • Make money in the real estate and the construction industries.
  • Achieve financial independance
  • Geographical freedom, living in different countries throughout the year
  • Achieve a good level in spanish, portuguese and russian

Thank you !


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Hello @Mitch_G4

Please add an avatar picture to complete your introduction

Peace :facepunch:

Welcome Mitch