Sorry, I had to repost on this new account because I need to use this new account (because of refund from first acc., saw that with the support ), and as i receive automatic email telling me to introduce myself again on this new account…

Hello everyone,

I have french and swiss nationalities ( I am more culturally french than swiss) and I have been living my whole life in Paris and in Geneva (half of my years in Paris and half in Geneva).

I have been graduated last year in Master’s Degree Digital Marketing & E-Business in Paris. So I went back in Geneva last september and in June i decided to move in Poland, precisely in Warsaw for living and working because Geneva is becoming the french leftist model.

I am currently single but for now but I am dating some polish girls so we will see what will happen in the future !

The reason why I’m coming in DBL is precisely to :

  • contribute at building the DBL network in Poland
  • To offer my digital marketing skills
  • To deepen my digital marketing skills, specially my Google Ads skills
  • As I am actually in recruitment processes for some international companies in Warsaw and as I already got accepeted for a position in a big company but not with the highest salary I could expect ( I didn’t sign any contract yet ), I would like to participate to some DBL businesses in order to earn more money and make the businesses grow.
  • My short-term goals are to be operational for some DBL people
  • My long-term goals would be to be a nice stone to the DBL building and build some relationships with DBL people if they are in Warsaw

Thanks in advance for reading me !


WHAT …? :skull:

Your first profil is still active

hello i have job hiring for my 3 dating site look rencontre-international dans google ou russiankisses thanks

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