Meat consumption

Hi bros,

In his last live JM emphasised again on the fact that he doesn’t eat meat and that Ortega is “more than vegan”.

It triggered me because I’ve always been near to anti-vegan and these last times, I’ve stumbled across a lot of meat propaganda up to talking about carnivore diet (:warning: whereas keto diet might have risk but we have zero evidence of it, the carnivore diet may be deadly for the kidneys).

His videos have a lot of responses so I don’t drink his words but I feel like meat is good and basically human became homo erectus by eating cooked meat so why would the meat by any means be unhealthy.

There is to know too that most of “healthy diet” propaganda is based upon no scientific facts, it has been the case for “fat is bad” so for meat it might be a learned lie too.

It’s possible that “meat is bad” is a “orphan belief” from Ortega or Corda that they never put in question.

Or maybe I have a biais too since I’ve always been in an anti-vegan bubble of information.

All this shit just to ask…

What do you think about eating meat? What do you know about eating meat impact on health?


I think, you mean, « more than vegan » Right …?

It suits better

About your questions, i eat meats I like meat, so I eat it

I don’t care what people think

Just don’t eat to much meat and you’ll be good



Meat is good, our body need it. We need Vitamin A for the immune defense for example.

But, consume it in reasonable quantity.

An example with water.

Water is good and vital for our body too, but if you drink too much (lots of liters I mean) you may be overhydrated and can lead to big troubles…

Keep in mind that all should be in reasonable quantity, not too much veggies, not too much sugar, salt…

Balancing your nutrition is the key!


Absolutely right, balance is like the main principle to apply in everything in life.

I’ll just add : diversity (red meat, white meat, various fishes and seafood) and quality (who produced ? Where and with what methods)

I don’t think meat is Bad for individuals and societies, but the productivist system and industries of meat Can be (pollution, corruption, methanisation of air, water and soil…)


Hello there.

I am not a dietician, so it is only by personal observation. It’s worth what it’s worth, of course.

Usually, people don’t eat meat because depending on where you buy it, you don’t know how the animal was treated in its lifetime — maybe fed on antibiotics.

The food industry is also a big scam, because very often they will put spices on meats to hide the fact these are no longer fresh, or even spoiled. They will make shrimps fat by injecting them with a syringe of water. These are just examples.

Others will say that eating meat is like devouring a corpse.

Best regards.


Even if our brains gets bigger by the past due to consumption of mushroom, meat and the stand ups position, our body is approximatively the same. Our bodies evolve mostly with meat, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms.

Processed carbs are the less natural for our bodies. For example Sugar (= fast carbs) make cancers grow faster. Careful, I speak about processed carbohydrates, not carbs from fruits and vegetables which are great.

You can live without carbs but its difficult whiteout meat and impossible without fat. The brain is fuel by fat. I speak about good fat like olive oil, coconut oil, yellow in eggs, all kind of nuts not bad fat like frying oil, snickers…

Currently, in the purpose to become shredded for a photoshoot, I changed my proportion like that : 50% prot (meat, eggs, milk, fish) / 25%fat (olive oil, peanutbutter, yellow eggs, nuts…) / 25% carbs (rice, pasta, bread…). I lowed my carbs and increased my prot. At the beginning I was tired but now I feel better.

Finally, like other brothers said here, everything can be good and everything can be bad depending of two criteria: How much you eat about it every days ? What is the quality of your food ?



I’ve been reading and documenting myself on nutrition for 4 to 5 years. And the conclusion for me is very clear, not eating meat and fish is a MISTAKE.

Red meat, beef especially is loaded with B vitamins and vitamins A, zinc and i’m not even talking about beef liver that is even more rich in nutrients ( you should eat that once a week its like a natural multi-vitamins)

Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines are loaded with vitamin E, magnesium, omega 3 acids and a small amount of vitamin D.

Chicken and turkey are really good sources of proteins and very practical for weight loss altough chicken legs and thighs ( fatty pieces) are interesing for collagen intake wich is a very important nutrient for bone’s health.


You should pay attention to the quality of your meat and fish where does it comes from ? How is it feeded ? It should be as detailled as possible Organic ? “Label rouge” ? The more the labels the better, its not perfect but at least the chances of eating a good source of nutrients is higher.

If you know the farmer that’s perfect.

And the tastier the better.

You should be careful with those ,especially, for fatty pieces of meat and fish because all the “bad” and the "good " things are stored in the fat of the animal.

For exemple the beef you eat should be feeded with grass. The difference of quality and nutrients density between a grass fed beef and beef that has been feeded with shitty cereals is pretty huge.

Further more you should not overcooked your meat or fish, the “reaction de maillard” ( google it) is held responsable of cancers.

The conclusion is



You’re clearly beyond the “recommended” (by who?) pourcent. Have you taken a look at the studies that discourages consuming more than 30% of proteins? If they’re based upon shit, I’d like to know since I’m on a high-proteins diet too.

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Hi Charl

Thanks for your reply. You are true.

I just re-calculated my macros and here is my proportions : 40% prot / 28% carbs / 32%fat I count in kcal (As you probably know : 1g of prot or carbs = 4kcal, 1g of fat = 9kcal)

I read a lot of articles and saw a lot of video of trainer and professional sportsmen. But the most important is that I tasted a lot of diet on myself since a lot of years and now I understand what works or not for me.

Empiricism is the best !


Thanks for your precisions @Luca_G1 :+1:

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