Maximus / 31, London, Business Owner, Investor, Composer, Rockstar

Hi bros,

My name’s Max, and I intend to make this presentation so over the top that it’s fun, without exaggerating anything.

I’m a 31 years old film composer, business owner and Facebook ads coach living in London.

I’ve started my career as a guitar teacher, then in 2013 started a metal band called Kadinja and got hired in a metal/electro band called The Algorithm and started touring over Europe for a year before receiving a scholarship to enter Berklee College of Music. I left the bands and went to Boston to study film scoring and sound design, stayed there for 2 years, lost 10kgs, broke up with my girl, had panic attacks, accepted working on projects outside school because fuck it, and ultimately survived. Good times.

After 2 years I went back to bamak…Paris, because US schools are freaking expensive and I was broke, even with a scholarship paying half of the tuition.

From there I started scoring short movies, documentaries, ads etc. and received 2 awards for best music (no bullshit, you can check my IMDB page)

At one point, I decided to find a way to make real money because let’s be honest, music doesn’t pay, unless you’re willing to sell your soul. So I started selling hackintoshes under the hood, mixed a few thousands tv series episodes and got into drop shipping in 2018. I made a few millions in revenue and moved to London in 2019. In the meantime I started offering facebook ads coaching to other dropshippers and helped over 50 guys to get actual results.

At the moment I’m working my ass off on my new company. Our goal is to make it a $10M company, get investors, grow it to $100M and sell it. I’m also investing in stocks and crypto, and started using trading bots (good stuff, 100% passive income).

My personal interests range from music, science, critical thinking, business, tech, finance, geopolitics, to sex, working out, health, astronomy and personal development.

I joined DBL to find like minded guys and build lasting friendly or business relationships. I feel like it is a place where I can meet guys with the same mindset and that are as willing as I am to get their shit together and work their ass out to get a better life.

Jean-Marie’s videos helped me in difficult times for the past 2 years, and I’ll be forever grateful for him to speak his heart out without bullshit. Thank you Supreme Leader, may the Dwarves Gods bless you.

I’m not promoting my services (yet) but I will put together a special coaching price for DBL members later if that is something some of you are interested in. Feel free to shoot me a message, and if you’re in London, let’s grab a pint!

Cheers bros, love you all.

Maximus :metal:t2:


Hi Max,

Huge Kadinja fan here, since the first demos.



Thanks Stan!

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