Maxime – 19 – Student - BTEC


My name’s Maxime, I’m nineteen years old and I live in Narbonne (South). For now I’m a student in BTEC HND in Developement and Wooden Manufacturing, for now I’m single.

I want to join DBL because the idea of being in a community is NECESSARY for me, in 2021. I also can’t accept the rules in France, the actual things that happens are just unreal (Don’t want to be vaccinated without my consent and other thing that doesn’t match my opinion).

My short goal is to finish my studies (If I don’t need to be vaccinated) have a small income during this period with web business, I also want to learn how to live correctly, decently.

And in a long period goal, I want to travel and be expatriated. I also want to be independent on income, it’s the most important part for me.

Thanks guys for reading me, and have a nice day.


Nice to meet you Maxime !


Alright welcome !

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Thanks !

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