Max / 23 yo / Digital investment / France

Hello everyone,

I am Max, I am 23 yo, i invest in digital technology, crypto in mind, stock market soon.

I joined DBL because I believe in this community project and expatriation, the video live from earlier today has ended to convincing me.

I am not specialized in a particular skill, I have been in the military squadron for 2 years. I did some odd jobs to survive after that.

What can I say is I’m hardworking, I’m disciplined, I make the most of my time as much as I can by training in many things, sport in mind.

Here is my situation:

  • I get a little bit of money with an uninteresting job, the legal minimum ( 1300 )

  • I decided to invest in Crypto ( glory to Satoshi Channel) I made 30 000 a month but i can’t cash out in France so I will do it in the East.

My short term objective:

  • Deepen my knowledge in English.

  • Taking my driving license.

My middle term objective:

  • Leave France.

  • Join DBL in the field, secure a section by providing it with what is needed.

My long-term objective:

  • Build the future with powerful & sane people.

  • Become a billionaire.

Country I’m aiming for:

  • The most profitable country for someone making an income online.

Nice to meet you and thank you. Max.



Welcome @MaxMaj_G4

Welcome Max,

What do you think about :

  • earning almost the same amount of money a month

  • Being with your bros

  • Speaking with other investors in real life

  • Spending 2 times less money in renting, food and taxies…

  • Paying only 10% taxes on your income

And many other things

More infos click here : Section DBL 🇧🇬 Bulgarie au rapport (mis à jour régulièrement)

Interested ? Contact me on the forum

Cheers !

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