Matthieu, 31 years old, freelance translator and copywriter

Hi everybody!

A friend of mine told me the DBL Forum was the place to be. As far as I can see, this seems to be the case. Many projects, enthusiasm and positive energy seems to flow around this place and I definitely want to be part of it.

I am a 31 years old freelance translator and copywriter. I went through very long studies in humanities (the so-called human sciences) because I wanted to be a teacher and researcher. However, even though I managed to escape radical leftoids for years, I couldn’t flee from one very simple fact: you need to be either a cocks*cker or a radical Leftist, or both, to make it in the academia/humanities.

My studies mostly allowed me to get out of France in 2012, studying in a couple countries (North and South America) in the process and sharpening my brain/knowledge (both redpill and “normal”) plus language practice as well.

This allowed me to settle in South America, to become a freelance translator and even marry here. I mostly work from home and get paid in USD or EUR according to the client.

Why am I here? To meet with other hard-working, glorious men who share the same mindset as I do.

Short term goals: develop my re-selling business, pay back my student debt, make a down payment for a home

Long term goals: turn my own, one-person translation business into a whole agency, making me both richer and able to give jobs/gigs to our brethren of various mother tongues. And perhaps helping good guys to join me by either hiring them through my company or recommanding them to other local companies.

If you are living below the 20th parallel south or consider going there, PM me.

Thank you JM and all those who made this place exist :grinning:


Welcome here @Matthieu_N

Please change your username to something decent. Matthieu is nice. Add the first letter of your last name if it’s already taken.



Your username should be easy to pronounce and instil respect. Example: Oliver_G3

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Thank you Alex.

Just changed my username as you said. :pray:


Hey man, welcome ! In which country are you, in Latin America? And which languages do you work with? Seems that we have a lot in common. Cheers!