Mathys-G4 21yo- Sofia section

Hello, My name is Mathys, I live in Sofia since March 2021 with the DBL guys and I’ll be salaried soon for a big company here.

My short-term goal is to settle down and live as a salaried worker while training myself to hope to become a freelance as long term.


Hello Mathys. :grinning:

For start : Welcome to the community. I’m 4th génération too :muscle: :muscle:.

:grin: Can you give me your impressions about finding a job in Sofia as French person ?

-I’m interesting about expatriation to Bulgaria. i’m not going to lie to you. My French writing is horrible. I use " Antidote ". For my English, i’m working hard with Harap course and i’m trying ( don’t smile ) to sing some song in english :rofl:. A realy good exercice for break my fear of judgment.

-Well of course i have some knowledge. Like web developpement, math and i naturally look up information i need on Google. But i’m really a fucking morron. If i stay in France, i will never progress.

So what aspect did you put forward ?


Hi Leon, To find job here it’s “easy”, if u are good in English (B2) you can contact @OlivierG2, he offers expatriation packs with which he helps you to : find a job, an apartment, and a contact to take English lessons if you are not yet ready. He also gives advices for the basic life here, in Sofia. It’s a beautiful city with nice people that I can only recommand to you.