Mathieu - 19ans - factory (night shift)


My name is Mathieu, I am 19 years old and I work in a factory (night shift).

I have no activity (source of income) outside of my salary, I have already created a brand with which I lost 1000€ and I invested in the stock market and unfortunately I lost 3000€. I participated in two trainings of Tugan ( RX and Marketing underground )

I am here thanks to Romain seo and Tugan who made me know Jean Marie Corda. As a result I really liked JM a lot because I found an ideology that is the same for me.

I would now like to stop losing money and find a business to be financially free to leave my shitty job.



Hello Matthieu

Please take out the G4

The G4 opening is closed and the registrations on the forum are over

Peace :facepunch: