Matheo - 19 years old - student in Eco-Management - SMMA

Hello everyone !

I’d like to introduce myself, Donaldinho, in reference to a political character I’m particularly fond of, my real name is Mathéo, I’m currently 19 years old, 1m95 for 115 kg.

Passionate about politics and wanting to “make things happen”, I decided after my baccalaureate to study Political Science in order to climb the ladder and reach the highest positions in the State. You can’t imagine how disappointed I was when I arrived in this barracks that trains communists and Pokemon with hair of all colours, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Sciences.

Extremely disappointed by this experience, but which, thanks to it, allowed me to really open my eyes (I had already opened them before, but I still had an ounce of hope for this country before entering this faculty).

So I decided to change my orientation, that’s why I went to an Eco-Management degree and then to a business school to be hired in a big company to do business (big mistake).

It’s at the same time that I discovered the Goat Jean-Marie and then Tugan and Romain who made me open my eyes to the fact that, in the end, going to business school always makes us depressive metro-boulot-dodo people living in Frankistan but with a bigger paycheck than the average employee in this country.

This is not my objective.

I am here to be part of a community, to seek help and to help others, when I first came across Jean-Marie talking about DBL I felt like a child seeing Mickey for the first time, a breath of fresh air, a dream come true.

Being surrounded by people who have the same desires, the same goals, intelligent, hard-working people who are passionate about what they do and who all have a specific goal, and that’s what I like and that makes me dream, and that’s why I signed up here, to join this project that is close to my heart and that I find incredible!

For my goals:

Short term : (6 months -1 year)

After having inquired and tested several types of business, many models do not excite me, I do not feel this desire to tear everything in such or such business model (affiliation, blogging, YouTube, etc …). Except for the SMMA, indeed, this business model interests me a lot, and I think it can be very good to start.

That’s why I consume a lot of content to create his agency and to acquire the necessary skills to deliver a very good quality service.

So in the short term, I would like to launch my SMMA agency and make 10k net/month as soon as possible to be financially free and independent. This would allow me to leave Frankistan and move to Eastern Europe.

In the medium term : (2-3 years)

I would like to scale up my agency and multiply this business model (have several agencies).

So that afterwards I would delegate everything and be “free” to do what I want, while having money falling from my agencies every month + money from the shares I would have bought with all the money I would have saved during these 2 years.

To give you an idea, once everything is delegated etc… I’m aiming for 30k minimum net that falls into my pocket each month without me having to worry about anything.

Long term : (4-5 years)

The business model that really thrills me and has always made me want to go, is the physical businesses, the brick and mortar, especially the world of businesses that I would call “carpe diem” (fancy restaurant/brewery, nightclub, concert hall, strip club, hotel). All these businesses that call for enjoying, relaxing and appreciating life and the present moment.

This is what I’m passionate about, so in the long term I’d like to have several brands, first in Eastern Europe, where I would have expatriated, and then later, to grow more and more and develop internationally.

You will have understood, I am a young man full of ambitions who wants to live life to the fullest, to push his limits and to become the best version of himself.

I’m sorry for the English mistakes and for this long presentation, I had a lot to say and I had to hold back! Anyway, I wish a great day to all DBL members and may everyone succeed in what they want! Donaldinho.


Welcome brother.

You should take your real name as pseudo. It will be better than this strange mix.

Hi Charlie !

Ok no worries I’ll change it right now.

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Welcome Matheoo,

I have a SMMA too and this month I’ll make probably +10k€.

But I took me months before having the good strategies (Spoiler alert : Cold calling, cold emailing etc. didn’t work)

If you want any help for your business, I can help you :wink:


Hi Aymeric,

Wow, congratulations to you ! And yes, a little help would not be refused @Aymeric_G3 !