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Hi guy’s !

Before you read i’m sorry for the mistakes (Corrected by Chick_Norris, thanks to him :heart:) but practicing will make me better in English so i’m working on it.

Before knowing JM in October of 2020 i was aware about the situation in France but totally lost about « what can i do ? ».

Since i’m 15 years old i know the salary life combine to the bad mood there in France is not for me.

Path :

I’ve tried many many things to get my financial independence but only one worked for me : Youtube.

I was making 3k€ a month during 1 years in a half until i lost the monetization. That was the only revenue income from the channel.

Obviously, like a good working-class idiot, I didn’t invest and I don’t have any more money under my bed.

Actual situation :

So i’m back at the starting point but now i’m with you guy’s. Your energy makes me want to explode my profits even more and JM gave me a lot of good informations in his streams.

For now, I took a salaried job to survive and I’m fully focused on online poker before I can buy « PM » from Tugan as soon as possible.

Very short term goals :

  • 700€/month online

  • Go to east

  • Weighing 82Kg and burning fat

Long-term goals :

  • Doing MMA or another combat sport

  • Taking big money from rich guys at the casino

  • Generate 10K€/month online with the poker

Thank you for reading my presentation, I LOVE all of you ! :heart:

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Financial education, a must in DBL. Welcome

Yes, its my FAULT!! but im better prepared for BIG money now. Thanks for the message, it makes me very happy to start feeling the community

ho, me too :frowning: what was the strike for ?

I’m really sorry for you bro…

I was making « best of » with content that didn’t belong to me so it’s entirely my fault… but usually people was contacted me with an email and the video was immediately deleted. Then a big youtuber strike me without sending me an email and youtube turned off my monetization.

skrikes expires in 90 days, you can wait no ?

I’ved lost the monetization so no more advertising until i ask for analayse and it will be a fail because the content is not mine.

I spoke with an administrator so I know that my channel will never be monetized with this kind of content again.

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